During their retreat to Artyomovsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have left strategic heights || Спецвыпуск 07.08.2022


This is a special program for the ANNA NEWS. I am Constantine Reztsov, and today’s special is about the events in Ukraine, and some news about China.

The Ukrainian forces retreat to Artyomovsk. As the result of the rapid retreat, they have left important strategic positions — the 20th Battalion commander of the LPR forces told to the RIA NEWS.

«This fortified area goes for several kilometers. It was built on the local strategically important heights. For many years this line was fortified and defended. They either didn’t want to, or couldn’t hold this line. It opened the way for us to Artemovsk» — end of quote

The abandoned Ukrainian positions allowed the Ukrainian forces to gain a good foothold in the territory, and keep the defenses. The heavy losses, inflicted by the Russian, the LPR, and the DPR forces have forced the Ukrainian forces to retreat to Artyomovsk, from which they too will have to escape.

During this week, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the offensive actions of the pro-Russian forces rendered the Ukrainian 54th mechanized, 56th and 58th motorized infantry brigades incapacitated. They have left their positions near the towns of Soledar, Artemovsk and Avdeevka.

The General Staff of Ukraine had to admit that the Ukrainian forces are retreating from Artemovsk. «Urban fights are taking place inside Artemovsk» — the DPR’s Territorial Defense HQ reported.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has accused China of simulating an attack on the main island during the military training. Many Chinese airplanes and warships, located in the Taiwan Strait area, crossed the unofficial maritime border between China and Taiwan, known as the center line — the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense in Taipei reported.

7 Chinese UAVs have been flying over the Taiwanese island of Kinmen. A few unmarked aircraft flew over the Matsu archipelago. The actions of the Chinese forces were classified as «a simulated attack on the main island of Taiwan».

The Taiwanese military fired several warning shots during the night, and placed the air reconnaissance patrol forces, naval forces, and missile forces on a stand-by, to monitor the situation. The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense stated that their troops are on stand-by on the coast facing China.

On Thursday, in a response to the visit of the senior US politician, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan — China has launched a large-scale military training in the Taiwan Strait. Japan complains about the fall of the Chinese missiles in the Japanese territorial waters. The USA keep their carrier strike group near the area of Chinese training. The civil shipping and air traffic to Taiwan is currently restricted.

The ANNA NEWS is following the events. Stay tuned

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