Elimination of the terrorists in Syria


1 Syria

The Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has instructed Hussein Arnus to form a new government. Hussein Arnus served as the head of the Syrian cabinet since 11th of June, when the Prime Minister Imad Khamis was dismissed by a presidential decree. «The president Assad issued decree Number 210, according to which he instructed Hussein Arnus to form a new cabinet of ministers of Syria» — the SANA reported.

2 Syria

From 18th to 24th of August, the Russian and Syrian air forces, together with the artillery and special forces, killed 327 terrorists in the Syrian desert. They were from the same group, involved in the assassination of the Russian military adviser, Major-General Vyacheslav Gladkikh, on 18th of August — the TASS news agency reported while citing a representative of the Russian forces in Syria. It was reported that 134 shelters, 17 observation posts, 7 warehouses with materiel and 5 underground storage facilities, for weapons and ammo, were destroyed. The representative of the Russian forces in Syria underlined that the increase in the activity of the terrorist gangs, and the former members of the ISIS, took place in the Syrian desert, in the center of the country, over the past month. It was noted that most of the terrorists appeared in the area after the so-called ‘amnesty’, held by the US-controlled «autonomous administration of the north-eastern Syria». The representative of the Russian troops added that the actions of the terrorists disrupt the socioeconomic recovery of Syria, and the establishment of relations between the local Arab tribes and Damascus.

3 Libya

The news website ‘Al Marsad’ reported that a protest was held in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, in which several thousand residents took part. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of the Government of National Accord of the Prime Minister Faiz Sarraj, the escalation of the socio-economic situation, the impoverishment of the general population and corruption. The rally was watched by the police that is trying to contain the protesters for the 3rd day in a row. It was noted that large groups of young people gathered in front of the HQ of the Government of National Accord. The Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives, Akila Saleh, called the attacks by the police officers on the protesters to be «an unjustified violence» and «an abuse of power». It was reported that in response to the attempts of the protesters to storm the government buildings — the police and security forces used weapons. There were reports of arrests of activists and instigators of riots. Earlier on Monday Faiz Sarraj promised on the national TV to »make urgent changes in the Cabinet, appoint people to the posts only on the basis of competence and honesty». He also assured that «the judicial system will be used against all those accused of the corruption among the ranks of the government».

4 Israel

The IDF press service reported on Twitter that in response to a shooting — the IDF launched airstrikes against the observation posts of the Shia organization Hezbollah, located near the Lebanese border. The IDF previously reported an incident on the border with Lebanon — a passage in the barbed wire was found. The ‘Al-Hadath’ TV reported that the Israeli Air Force fighters appeared in the skies over the border areas of Lebanon and made scout flights. Earlier the Israeli artillery fired flares over the Lebanese settlements of Houla and Mays al-Jebel. On Tuesday evening, the Israeli servicemen searched the border area near the Israeli settlement of Manara — they tried to detect a possible infiltration of an armed group of Hezbollah from the Lebanese territory.

5 Lebanon

The ‘Al-Jazeera TV’ reported that the Lebanese Supreme Defense Council decided to file a complaint to the UN Security Council over the Israeli air attacks on the border areas of the country. «The Foreign Minister was instructed to send a complaint to the Security Council regarding the Israeli attacks on the southern borders» — the TV channel quoted a statement from the military department.

6 Israel — The Gaza Strip

The IDF press service reported on Twitter that in response to the launch of explosive balloons — the IDF attacked facilities of the radical movement ‘Hamas’ in the Gaza Strip. The report noted that over the past few weeks, hundreds of balloons with explosives were launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel. «In response, our aircraft hit the underground infrastructure of the Hamas in the Gaza Strip» — the statement concluded. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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