Explosion of a bridge in Idlib // A vaccine against the Coronavirus


1 Syria

The Syrian authorities started the repair of the strategically important highway M5 Damascus-Aleppo. The repair is currently underway on the area near the city of Serakib, which was recently liberated from the terrorists. The road workers are clearing the 4-lane highway from the debris and pieces of shells on a 50-kilometer stretch between Aleppo and Serakib. They also repair the roadway itself, and the dividing fence. The security is provided by the Russian military police.

2 Syria

The Syrian news agency SANA reports while citing their sources that the terrorists blew up a bridge in order to disrupt the joint Russian-Turkish patrols in the province of Idlib, to the west of the city of Ariha, on the M4 Latakia-Aleppo highway. The source specified that the explosion completely destroyed a bridge over which lies a part of the patrol route. “The terrorists scattered piercing metal objects on other sections of the route” — the source added. It was reported that the terrorists threatened and forced dozens of civilians to organize live barriers on the highway by setting up tents and blocking it with burning tires. The terrorists offered cash rewards to some of the locals if they remain on the road in tents on an on-going basis.

3 Iraq

The ‘Al Arabiya’ TV reported that the military base Basmay, located at the south of Baghdad, was hit with at least two missiles. The missiles exploded in the Iraqi military base that has some stationed forces of the international coalition, led by the USA. There is no information about the destruction or the victims yet.

4 Thailand.

After an explosion near the administration building in the Yala Province, in south of Thailand, 22 people were injured. The injured are the local civilians, employees of the Thai Ministry of Health, journalists, and policemen — the ‘Thai PBS’ TV reports. The explosive device was inside a pickup truck that was parked at the gates of the provincial administration building. The explosion took place when the victims came out after a press briefing about the epidemic of the corona-virus COVID19 in south of Thailand. The police suspects one of the groups of the local Islamic separatist-terrorists that regularly bomb and shell the public places in Yala and nearby provinces.

5 China

Qin Chuan, a researcher from the ‘Institute of the Laboratory Animal Research’ of the ‘Academy of the Medical Sciences’ stated that China has so far developed 8 vaccines against the new corona-virus, some of which were effective when used on animals. The possible side effects and their general safety are being assessed at the moment. The ‘China Central Television’ reported that the Chinese authorities have authorized the start of the clinical trials of the first vaccine against the new type of corona-virus. «A group of researchers, led by the academician Chen Wei, has received a permission to begin their clinical trials» — the TV channel reported.

6 Russia

The Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, during their visit to the informational center for the monitoring of the situation caused by the new corona-virus, advised the Russians to not stockpile food since the situation with the supply of the stores is solid. The Prosecutor General of Russia, Igor Krasnov, demanded his subordinates to respond to the unreasonably high prices on the essential goods. Igor Krasnov also instructed the prosecutors and the antimonopoly service to stop the attempts of the cartel conspiracies. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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