Explosions in Colombia


1 Colombia

The newspaper «Tiempoco» reported with a reference to the local authorities that some terrorists set up explosions at an airport in Colombia. One of them died. “According to the authorities, the first explosion killed the person who interacted with the explosive device. The second terror attack killed two police officers» — the ’’Tiempoco’’ reported. Two explosions took place on Tuesday in the airport in Cucuta, in north-east of Colombia, on the border with Venezuela.

2 Donbass

After a 6-day pause, the Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire once again. The DPR representation in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire reported that today the Ukrainian forces shelled a village to the north-east from the town of Gorlovka. «Today at 11:35 the Ukrainian forces opened fire from grenade launchers on the village of Bayrak, near Gorlovka, from their positions in the village of Novo-luganskoye. 29 grenades were fired from automatic heavy-duty grenade launchers» — the DPR office reported. There is no information about casualties and injuries.

3 Germany — Ukraine

The Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally blocked the supply of weapons to Ukraine via the NATO — the German tabloid Bild reported with a reference to their sources. The Bild reported that at the start of 2021 Ukraine paid for the supply of weapons via the NATO Support and Supply Agency. Back in May, Germany and the Netherlands opposed the deal, and stopped their NATO allies from selling weapons. The Bild specified that back in May, Berlin used veto to block the supply of American rifles ’Barrett’ and Lithuanian anti-drone rifles that were paid for by Ukraine. Back in August Vladimir Zelenskiy asked Merkel to stop blocking the arms shipments. She flatly refused to even consider such possibility.

4 Syria

A Syrian military checkpoint, located in the village of Tel-Dahab, to the south from the city Qamishli, blocked the passage of a US convoy. The checkpoint stopped a convoy of the American occupation forces, made of 5 APCs, escorted by vehicles of the ’’Kasad’’ groups — they were trying to drive through the village of Tel-Dahab to the city of Qamishly. The checkpoint forced the convoy to turn around — the SANA reported.

5 Syria

The RIA NEWS reported that the Russian and the Turkish military police conducted a joint road patrol in north of Aleppo province, in Syria. No incidents took place during the patrol. Vasily Nistor, the commander of the patrol platoon, noted that more and more refugees have been appearing in the area recently. They are returning to their homes, which is happening due to the absence of the direct conflicts with the terrorists. The patrol route goes from the city of Tel-Rifaat, to the settlement of Tel-Adjar, and back.

6 Russia — France

The Kremlin press service reported that Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron examined in details the state of affairs in the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement. «The state of affairs in the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement was examined in details. Vladimir Putin spoke about the main results of the meeting of the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia on 26th of November, in Sochi, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the signing of the agreement on Nagorno-Karabakh, on 9th of November, 2020. He also spoke how the region is implementing the measures, taken to comply with the ceasefire, the return of refugees, the restoration of trade, economic and transport connections» — the report stated. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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