Explosions in Kabul


1 Donbass

As a result of shelling of the Kievsky district in the city of Donetsk by the Ukrainian troops — 3 residential buildings were damaged, the DPR office in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire reported. “Last night, the Ukrainian troops opened a mortar fire on the village of Veseloe, north of Donetsk. A total of sixteen 120mm shells were used. As a result of the shelling, 3 houses were damaged at 123, 139, 141 Stratonavtov Street. «- the representative specified.

2 Afghanistan

An explosion took place at 12:45 PM in front of a large military hospital in Kabul. A 2nd explosion took place half an hour later — the ’Reuters’ reported. At least 23 people were killed, 50 were injured — the ’RIA NEWS’ reported. The Taliban press office only reported that the civilians in front of the building were injured in the attack. There was a lot of black smoke in the pictures on the social medias. After the explosions, helicopters appeared over the city. Two explosions — the 2nd sounded louder — and also shooting, according to eyewitnesses — were heard near the military hospital in Kabul, in the Wazir Akbar Khan area. According to the preliminary data, the explosion in front of the hospital gates was carried out by a suicide bomber, and then there was an attempt by the terrorists to enter the building. There is no official information on the type and course of the attack.

3 Sudan

The ’’Associated Press’’ reported that 5 people died, including 2 Russians, during the crash of ’’AN-26’’ aircraft during a take-off in South Sudan. The ’’Associated Press’’ specified that the airport director clarified that among the victims there were 2 Russians and 3 citizens of South Sudan. The Russian Embassy is currently investigating the circumstances of the plane crash. There is no official confirmation of the death of the Russians yet — the ’TASS’ reported. The radio-station ’Tamazuj’ previously reported that the ’’AN-26’’, owned by the local trucking airline company ’’Optimum Aviation’’, have crashed on Tuesday morning, while taking off at Juba International Airport. It was reported that the Sudanese crew died. According to the preliminary information — a technical malfunction was the cause of the crash.

4 Russia — Ukraine

The American newspaper Politico reported that «Russia is massively deploying troops and equipment along the border with Ukraine.» As evidence of its claim, the Politico published several satellite images that allegedly show «Russian tanks on the border with Ukraine». According to the Politico, the satellite images were taken above the city of Yelnya, in the Smolensk region, which does not border Ukraine. That exact Russian region borders only Belarus, and it is separated from Ukraine by the neighboring region of Bryansk. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine denied that information while stating that the build-up of the Russian troops near the Ukrainian border has not been recorded. Ukraine and the Western countries often accuse Moscow of such acts of aggression and concentration of forces near the borders of Ukraine.

5 Afghanistan

The «Afghan National Resistance Front» prepares to resume the fight against the Taliban — the TASS reported while citing the militia spokesman, Kabir Wasik, former Deputy Governor of Panjshir. The spokesman for the movement added that «there is no doubt that the Taliban is a threat to all countries». He noted that Russia is capable of resisting the Taliban, and supporting the Afghan militia. Kabir Wasik added that the leader of the Panjshir resistance, Ahmad Masud, is currently in Tajikistan. «He sometimes visits Afghanistan, where he meets with the resistance groups in various regions’’ — end of quote.

6 Syria

«The Turkish artillery shells areas in north of Syria every day» — a member of the political committee of the Syrian Kurdish Party of the Democratic Unity, Habat Mohammad, told to the RIA NEWS. Civilians fear the shelling, carried out ahead of a new military operation, that will force people to flee their homes, as it was the case with the capture of Afrin in March of 2018. In recent days, the Syrian news agency «The SANA» reported, while citing their sources, about an increase of numbers of military convoys that are heading to the Syrian Idlib and to the north of Aleppo and Hasakah provinces. The SANA reported that the Turkish army is sending weapons, ammo, armored vehicles, and artillery pieces. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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