Explosions in the Baghdad’s Green Zone


1. Iraq

Explosions took place after two rockets hit the fortified «green zone» of the Iraqi capital city Baghdad, in which the government buildings and the foreign embassies are located — the »Al Arabiya» reports. According to the TV channel — the first rocket fell near the Turkish embassy. The second rocket exploded near the al-Harisiyya bridge. There is no information yet about the victims. Earlier, the Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abd al-Mahdi announced a curfew in Baghdad after at least 7 people died and more than 400 were injured during 2 days of the nation-wide anti-government protests.

2 the USA

7 people died after a WW-II era »B-17» bomber crashed at the Bradley International Airport in Connecticut. The bomber was making short flights for the history and aviation enthusiasts — the local media reports. According to the local authorities — there were 13 people on board: 10 passengers and 3 crew members. At least 6 people were taken to the hospital. 3 of them were seriously injured — the authorities specified. 1 person on the ground was wounded as well. The bomber was in a flight for several minutes when the pilots reported a malfunction, and requested the permission to return to the ground. During the landing the pilots lost the control, and the bomber collided with a hangar.

3 Ukraine — Russia

«The settlement of the conflict in Donbass can only be built on the basis of the Minsk agreements» — the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced. According to him, there can be no “plan B” for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, since these agreements are the basis for the resolution of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine. He underlined that the “Steinmeier formula” is a compromise to the Minsk agreements, approved by the UN Security Council. The compromise provides the consolidation of the special status of Donbass not before, but after the local elections in the region. “Therefore, there should be no backtracking from the basic principles of the Minsk agreements. This includes the amnesty, the special status, the withdrawal of the military forces and assets, the complete resumption of the economic ties, and the lifting of the blockade that completely contradicted the Minsk agreements. All of it remains unchanged. Nothing will work without it» — the Russian Foreign Minister explained.

4 Russia

«The Russian »Sberbank» is conducting an internal investigation on a possible leak of the personal data» — the company’s website announced. According to the Russian newspaper »Kommersant» — the personal data of 60 millions of Russians were in the public domain. Earlier, announcements of the sale of a “fresh database of a large bank” appeared on one of the forums, currently blocked by the Russian Internet committee »Roskomnadzor». The data sellers claimed that in their hands was information on 60 millions of bank cards, both valid and closed. As a confirmation — they offered to the potential buyers to familiarize themselves with a fragment of the database, containing the data of 200 users. According to the »Sberbank» — one of their employees could be the culprit of the incident, since a third-party penetration into their database is impossible, due to its isolation from the external network. »Sberbank» promises to report the details of the investigation.

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