Germany will maintain a military presence in Afghanistan


1 Afghanistan

The ’’Ariana News’’ TV reported with a reference to the Afghan police that as a result of the explosion of car-bombs in Kabul — 2 people were killed, 2 were injured. The first explosion is reported to have occurred at about 8 AM. The car-bomb exploded via a remote control. The second explosion happened 15 minutes later. No group, operating in the country, has claimed the responsibility for the explosions yet.

2 Afghanistan

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, stated during a special event at the Munich Security Conference that Germany is ready to maintain a military presence in Afghanistan. An early withdrawal of the coalition forces from Afghanistan can put the local security forces under a risk. Angela Markel stated that the peaceful democratic forces in the country should be given a chance. «We are glad that the US administration gave a new assessment of the peace process in Afghanistan» — Angela Merkel concluded.

3 Myanmar

In the city of Mandalay, 2 people were killed and 6 were injured during the dispersal of a protest against the seizure of power by the military in Myanmar — the ’Myanmar Now’ news website reported. The police and military servicemen reportedly used live and rubber ammo to disperse a peaceful protest. 10 protesters were arrested. Water cannons were reportedly used against the protesters as well.

4 Spain

During the protest against the detention of rapper Pablo Asel, who was convicted of glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown, the Barcelona city guard used force against the protesters. The Catalan police reported on Twitter that the rally in the center of Barcelona escalated into riots. The rioters began erecting barricades, looting shops, and throwing items at the police. It was reported that some rioters were arrested. The rallies have been held in the Spanish cities since 16th of February, and the protests escalate into riots. The police used force against the rioters. As a result, dozens of people were arrested, dozens were injured as well.

5 The USA — Libya

«The New York Times» reported that Eric Prince, the founder of the American private military company ’Blackwater’, provided support to the commander of the Libyan National Army, headed by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. «The New York Times» mentioned an unpublished report from the UN experts. Supposedly the report was presented to the UN Security Council. The report indicated that Eric Prince provided weapons to Haftar in a violation of the arms embargo. The New York Times claimed that in 2019, Eric Prince sent a group of «foreign mercenaries» with military hardware to the eastern Libya. The cost of that operation is estimated at $80 millions of dollars. Supposedly the mercenaries were sent to «form forces that can track down and kill selected Libyan commanders». The New York Times also quoted Eric Prince’s lawyer who stated that his client has nothing to do with the military operations in Libya.

6 The USA — Japan

The NHK TV reported while citing their sources in the Japanese Ministry of Defense that 1 Japanese Self-Defense Forces serviceman died in a plane crash during a training flight in the USA. It was noted that the serviceman was in the USA on an internship, during which he practiced air maneuvers. The plane crash took place in Alabama, during the landing. A US Air Force instructor died in the crash as well. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ’ANNA NEWS’.

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