HIMARS was used to attack the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station


1 Russia — Ukraine A spokesman from the emergency services of the Kherson region told to the RIA NEWS that the Ukrainian forces fired 19 HIMARS and Olha rockets at the village of Novaya Kakhovka. «Ukraine continues to attack the civilian infrastructure of Novaya Kakhovka. At 11:20, an attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station took place. They fired 19 HIMARS and Olha missiles. Some of the incoming missiles were intercepted by our anti-air forces. Unfortunately, 3 missiles did hit the hydro power plant. The information about the victims is being specified» — the source of the RIA NEWS reported. The head of the city administration, Vladimir Leontiev, stated that there was no critical damage. The hydro station continues to operate as usual. Russia has called on the UN to prevent the destruction of the hydroelectric station since that would lead to the death of thousands of people.

2 Russia The Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, chairs the first meeting of the Coordinating Council under the Government of Russia. It was created to meet the needs of a special military operation — the TASS reported. Vladimir Putin instructed to create such council. It is being headed by Mishustin. Putin also instructed Mishustin to report often on the work of the coordinating council. The first such report must be made by 25th of October.

3 Russia The crash of the Su-30 fighter in the city of Irkutsk was due to the equipment failure, and a pilot error — the Investigative Committee stated. «An additional inspection of the crash site is being carried out. Samples of the fuel from the aircraft were found, as well as the unified gas discharge station with medical oxygen. Chemical and forensic medical examinations were ordered» — the committee stated. ’’The pilots were unable to steer the falling plane away from residential buildings due to the fact that they lost consciousness in flight’’ — a representative of the emergency services guessed. The reason could be a mistake of the ground personnel — the RIA NEWS reported. «A bit of nitrogen in the oxygen cylinders could have led to the loss of consciousness» — the source of the RIA NEWS explained.

4 Syria The Syrian air defense forces repelled a missile attack on several points around the city of Damascus, and shot down most of the enemy missiles. A military source told to the SANA news agency that on 24th of October, around 2:00 pm, an Israeli air strike from the north of the occupied Palestinian territories targeted several points around the city of Damascus. The source added that the air defense forces intercepted a part of the missiles. As a result of the attack, a serviceman was wounded, and some property was damaged.

5 The UK The chairman of the steering committee, tory Graham Brady, announced that the new leader of the UK Conservative Party, and the UK prime minister, is the former head of the Treasury, Rishi Sunak. He remained the only contender for the post after the speaker of the House of Commons, Penny Mordont, refused to fight further. A candidate must have at least 100 votes from the Tory members of the parliament to stand in the election. As the ruling committee of the party decided, if only one person succeeds in this matter — he automatically becomes the leader of the party, and the prime minister — the RIA NEWS reported.

6 Ukraine A resolution was submitted to the Ukrainian parliament that recognizes Belarus as a country, temporarily occupied by Russia. According to Aleksiy Goncharenko, a deputy from the political party «European Solidarity» — «Ukraine recognizes Belarus as temporarily occupied by Russia». He stated that the ruling was made to deprive the government of Alexander Lukashenko of the international legal rights, as well as the termination of the membership of Belarus in the international organizations, and the synchronization of anti-Russian sanctions against Belarus. The Ukrainian deputies are also trying to achieve the exclusion of Belarus from the UN and the IMF. Recently, the leader of the Belarusian opposition, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, appealed to Vladimir Zelensky to join forces in the fight against the official leadership of Russia and Belarus. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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