Impeachment of the US President Donald Trump


1 The USA

The US House of Representatives approved a resolution to impeach the current US President, republican Donald Trump. 232 senators, including 10 Republicans, voted ’for’. 197 voted «against». Thus, Donald Trump became the only president in the US history to be impeached twice. He is accused of inciting a mutiny. The resolution of the House of Representatives stated that actions of Donald Trump are consistent with the constitutional wording of «serious crimes and misconduct». The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, stated after signing the indictment part of the impeachment document that «no one is above the law, not even the US President». According to her — «Donald Trump is a clear danger to the United States».

2 Syria

On Wednesday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a message to the UN Security Council in which it stated that the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian cities of Deir ez-Zor and Bu Kemal with the unlimited support from the USA and the US-led international coalition — the ’SANA’ news agency reported. «Syria strongly condemns the Israeli aggressive actions that violate the Syrian sovereignty, and threaten the regional stability» — the report stated. Syria called on the UN Security Council to ’’remember about their responsibility for the maintaining of peace in the Middle East, and to take measures to stop the Israeli attacks». Earlier the ’Al Arabiya’ TV reported that at least 57 Syrian soldiers and fighters from the pro-Iranian Shiia groups, fighting on the side of Damascus, were killed as a result of the Israeli airstrikes in east of Syria. Military positions and armories near the cities of Deir ez-Zor and Bu-Kemal were attacked.

3 China — The USA

China made a loud protest over the recent US ban on the imports of tomatoes, cotton and cotton products from Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region, in north-west of China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, called the allegations about the forced labor in the aforementioned region to be «a US-fabricated lie». The US Department of Homeland Security stated that the import ban was ’’based on the information that reasonably indicates the use of prison labor and detainees, as well as cases of forced labor».

4 Russia — Saudi Arabia

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated during the joint press conference with the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud that the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, will visit Moscow in January. While speaking about the possible holding of a conference to discuss the collective security of the Gulf countries, Sergei Lavrov mentioned that Moscow understands that «Saudi Arabia is concerned about the Iranian actions in some countries of the region». Sergey Lavrov pointed out that the conference «can include all those issues in the agenda, as well as the concerns of other countries, including Iran».

5 Russia — Yemen

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Russia is concerned that the US plans to declare the Yemeni movement ’Ansar Allah’ a terrorist organization will have a negative effect on the settlement in Yemen. Recently the ’Reuters’ reported, while citing their sources, that the USA may declare the Yemeni movement ’Ansar Allah’ a terrorist organization. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed his intention to declare the movement a ’foreign terrorist organization’. In response, the ’Ansar Allah’ threatened the USA with a retaliation if the movement is included in the list of the terrorist organizations.

6 Turkey

The Turkish Minister of National Defense, Hulusi Akar, stated that Turkey continues to negotiate with Russia on the possible supply of a 2nd regiment of S-400 AA missile systems. He added that Turkey expects that the differences with the USA on this topic can be resolved via a dialogue. Hulusi Akar also noted that the S-400 systems, deployed in Turkey, won’t have any specific location. According to him — the AA systems can move if necessary. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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