India demands to stop the shelling of Kashmir || Breaking news, 7th of March, 2019


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that he won’t cancel the purchase of Russian S-400 AA missile systems, and he considers the issue to be closed. “The talk about S-400 is over. No way we will give up on that deal. We have an agreement with Russia. Perhaps, there will be even a joint production» — TASS quotes Erdogan -«Maybe after the S-400s — we will also consider an option of S-500s» — the Turkish president added. If Ankara won’t refuse to acquire the Russian AA missile systems — the United States intend to reconsider the agreements on Turkish participation in the F-35 program. The US also threaten to impose sanctions on Turkey.

In the near future, the United States are ready to impose sanctions on the foreign banks that cooperate with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his government — an unnamed, high-ranking White House official said. According to the representative of the White House — the Maduro government cooperates with foreign financial institutions in order to withdraw and withhold their funds — TASS reports. The White House official promised that the US authorities will soon call-out those financial institutions. “We will impose sanctions on some of them in the coming days and weeks” — concluded the US representative, while refusing to tell about the details of those measures.

Syrian army launched an intense rocket and artillery bombardment on the terrorist groups in the north of Hama province, in response to a mortar shelling of the city of Jurin by the terrorists. According to the SANA agency — Syrian troops attacked the bases of the terrorist groups “Jabhat al-Nusra” and “Kataib al-Izza” in the area of Qalaat al-Madik, and in the Sahl al-Gab valley. From there, the terrorists constantly sneak into the province of Hama, and attack the positions of the government forces, TASS reports. As a result of the attack — the Syrian army destroyed the fortifications made by the terrorists, their command posts, and weapons storages. During the operation, two field commanders — Majid al-Sayyid and Abdel Hamid Sanjavi, and also a group of mercenaries — were eliminated.

India demanded Pakistan to immediately cease firing on the part of Kashmir that is under Indian control. At least 4 civilians died due to the shelling. The representatives of the army command of the two countries had a conversation on the emergency communication system, during which India demanded to stop firing at the civilians over the Line of Control — TASS reports. As the NDTV reported while citing their sources — India announced that the continuation of the shelling and further provocations would turn into «dire consequences» for Pakistan. The NDTV sources also report that Pakistan is deploying additional troops and military equipment along the line of control that separates Kashmir. According to that information — Islamabad is moving their troops from the Afghan border.

As a result of the explosions on Thursday in the 13th police district of Kabul — 1 person died, 17 were injured — TASS reports with a reference to the TOLOnews. According to the TOLOnews — the incident occurred when a ceremony was held in the west of Kabul. The ceremony was dedicated to 24th anniversary of the death of the leader of the Mujahideen — Abdul Ali Mazari. The attackers also bombarded the area with mortars — at least 10 shells were used. According to the TV channel 1 TV — as a result of the attack — a candidate for the presidency of Afghanistan, Abdul Latif Pedram, was wounded. Presidential elections will be held in the country on 20th of July. No terrorist group in the region took the responsibility for the attack so far.

The US Congress, on its own website, published a bill that prohibits the US military to use the funds to test, purchase or deploy the weapons, mentioned in the INF treaty. »No budget funds, allocated to the Ministry of Defense, can be provided or spent on the testing, evaluating, purchasing, or deploying any missiles banned by the INF treaty» — the text says.

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