India has strengthened their troops on the border with China


1 India — China

The newspaper »Times of India» reports while citing their source that India is closely monitoring the concentration of the Chinese troops in the strategically important areas on the control line in the eastern Ladakh. “3 Indian infantry divisions, 10,000 to 12,000 troops each, as well as tanks and artillery were sent to the border with China, east of Ladakh. The Indian Air Force fighters make regular patrol flights over Ladakh as well” — the source of the newspaper reported. Earlier the Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Anurag Shrivastava, announced that the Indian Foreign Ministry warned China that the unwillingness of China to comply with the bilateral agreements to pull out their troops from the line of control in East Ladakh could lead to negative consequences for the relations between the two countries. «We expect China to understand it, and ensure the speedy restoration of peace on the border» — the diplomat explained.

2 Libya

The foreign ministries of France, Germany and Italy made a joint statement in which they called on all countries, operating in Libya, to cease their military actions in that country. They also called for an end to any interference, and for a full compliance with the arms embargo, which was introduced by a decision of the UN Security Council. And also to return to the negotiations in the military committee, in the “5 + 5” format under the UN flag, held to achieve a ceasefire. The joint statement of the 3 countries underlined that the cessation of the hostilities «is an important step for creating the conditions, needed for the effective resumption of the internal Libyan political dialogue, which will ensure a long-term resolution of the conflict».

3 The USA — Iran

The US Department of the Treasury’s Foreign Assets Control Office announced that the US have imposed new sanctions on Iran. 8 companies, involved in the production of steel, aluminum and iron, were put on the list, as well as their subsidiaries, acting as their trading agents. The list contains several Iranian companies — legal entities from the UAE, Germany and Hong Kong. The property of the listed companies are blocked in the USA. The US citizens are forbidden to conduct any operations with the companies. The US Treasury Department also threatens to sanction any foreign companies for doing business with the aforementioned companies.

4 Japan

The ‘NHK TV’ reports that by July, the ruling Japanese ‘Liberal Democratic Party’ plans to develop recommendations for the missile defenses, after the refusal of the Japanese government to deploy »Aegis Ashore» ground systems. The party members intend to discuss a possible alternative for the ‘Aegis Ashore’, the issue of enhancement of the missile defense potential, and the distribution of the responsibilities in this matter between Japan and the USA. The newspaper ‘Yomiuri’ reports that despite the rejection of the ‘Aegis Ashore’ missile defense systems — the Japanese government intends to purchase from the USA a powerful radar and missile launchers to launch those missiles. «The components can be used in other missile defense systems that will be deployed in Japan» — the ‘Yomiuri’ explained with a reference to their sources in the ‘Liberal Democratic Party’.

5 Syria

The heads of the Russian and Syrian HQ for the return of the refugees to Syria, Mikhail Mizintsev and Hussein Makhlyuf, stated that the USA are ready to release the refugees from the Rukban camp in exchange for an aid for the US-controlled terrorists. «The USA once again demonstrated their readiness to let everyone out of Rukban in exchange for humanitarian aid to the camp. The USA are trying to provide their controlled terrorists with everything needed at the expense of the international humanitarian organizations, instead of solving the camp’s problems on their own, as demanded by the international standards from the occupying party» — the statement said. It was underlined that Russia and Syria continue to make efforts for a swift disbandment of the Rukban refugee camp. Earlier, Russia and Syria agreed to deliver humanitarian supplies to the Et-Tanf zone, back in September 2019. Russia and Syria have fulfilled all their obligations. However, the US-controlled terrorists «appropriated the bulk of the humanitarian aid, and one-sidedly reduced the duration of the humanitarian mission, thus preventing the camp residents from leaving the camp. As a result, instead of the declared 2,500 people — only 336 Syrians left Rukban» — the statement concluded.

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