Iran made a statement on the «black boxes»


1 Iran

«The passenger airplane of the ‘Ukraine International Airlines’, which crashed in Iran, wasn’t shot down by a missile» — the head of the ‘Iranian Civil Aviation Organization’, Ali Abedzade, told to the reporters on Friday. «We are awaiting the extraction of the information from the black box. However, we can assure that the airplane wasn’t shot down by a missile» — the ‘Tasnim’ news agency quoted Abedzade. “The decoding of black boxes will take from 1 to 2 months” — he specified.

2 the USA — Iran

‘The New York Times’ published a video that, allegedly, shows how an Iranian missile hit the airplane of the ‘Ukraine International Airlines’. ‘The New York Times’ received the footage from an Iranian activist Nariman Garib. According to the activist — he received the footage from his own source. He underlined that he can’t guarantee the authenticity of the footage, but he is in a contact with his source, and he can request an additional metadata. ‘The New York Times’ reported that they have checked the footage — it was taken in the village of Parand, in the province of Tehran, located near the airport. The Ukrainian Boeing aircraft went radio silent above that exact area.

3 Abkhazia

«About 7 people were injured during the riots near the building of the presidential administration of Abkhazia» — said the Secretary of the country’s Security Council, Mohamed Kilba. Earlier, the Abkhaz opposition organized their field HQ near the presidential administration building. They intend to not leave the area until the head of the republic, Raul Khadjimba, resigns, and until a new presidential elections are announced. At the moment, Raul Khadjimba is fully carrying out his duties as the head of the state.

4 France — Iran

On Friday, the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced on the radio station ‘RTL’ that the French authorities believe that Iran doesn’t currently have nuclear weapons. But if they fail to convince Iran to return to the nuclear deal — Tehran could create nuclear weapons in the next two years. «If they continue to ignore the terms of the Vienna Agreement — they will be able to get nuclear weapons within a year or two» — Le Drian explained.

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