Israel and the Gaza Strip exchanged missile strikes


The IDF press service reported that in response to a rocket, launched at the Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip on Thursday — the Israeli fighters and drones attacked several military targets of the radical Palestinian movement ‘Hamas’ located in south of Gaza. The Israeli state radio «Kan» reported that the rocket from Gaza exploded in uninhabited area. There are no reports on injuries or property damage. This exchange of attacks is the first one after Washington announced »the deal of the century» on 28th of January. It was also reported that after the publication of »the deal of the century» — Israel sent additional troops to various areas of the Western Bank of the Jordan river, and to the border with the Gaza Strip, for the security reasons.

On Monday the SANA news agency reports that «The terrorists and the mercenaries of the Turkish army started the preparation of a fake chemical attack against civilians in the western province of Aleppo.» The SANA agency noted that supposedly the terrorists want to fake a chemical attack since it would attract the attention of the world community and the international organizations, which would »prevent their defeat from the advancing Syrian army».

The Syrian Army Command reported that «the Syrian army liberated a number of settlements at the south of the Idlib province, including the city of Maarret-en-Nuuman, from the terrorists». It was also reported that the Syrian army liberated 14 villages around that city.

The »Al Arabiya TV» reports, while citing their unnamed military sources, that Turkey is negotiating with the Libyan government of the national accord a construction of a military base near Tripoli. It was reported that the base will have special and naval Turkish forces, a runway, and a communications point. The »Al Arabiya TV» claims that the Government of National Accord is discussing with Ankara a possible purchase of the Turkish military aircraft and drones. On Thursday, the »Al Arabiya TV» also reported, while citing their sources, that Turkey sent militants from Somalia and Kenya to Libya, and concluded the first deal with the Government of the National Accord on the supply of air defense systems.

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido, promised to hold new protests after his return to Venezuela — Guaido announced on Monday after his meeting in Ottawa with the Canadian Foreign Minister. He promised to tell about the details soon. During the meeting in Ottawa, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured Juan Guaido that Ottawa will support him in overcoming the current crisis in Venezuela.

On Thursday, the president of Colombia, Ivan Duque, rejected the offer of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, to restore the bilateral relations between the countries at the consular level. Ivan Duque called the proposal a «schizophrenia» of Caracas. He added that the restoration of consular relations between the countries is unlikely, «due to the violence from the dictatorship.» The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreasa, twitted that the leadership of Venezuela considers such decision of the President of Colombia to be »an absurd excuse.» “Venezuela has 70 diplomatic missions, 22 consulates, and 78 honorary consulates that function normally. Do approach the issue in all seriousness, as a statesman” — the diplomat twitted. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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