Israel deployed the ’’Iron Dome’’ air defense systems across the country


1 Syria

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, stated that a jihadist hotbed has formed in the north-east of Syria, next to a local American military base, from which the radicals are constantly showing up. She quoted the information from ’the Wall Street Journal’ with «shocking details of the IDPs in the ’Al-Hol’ camp in Syria», which is controlled by the US-backed ’Syrian Democratic Forces’. «According to the Wall Street Journal, the jihadists are in control of almost every area of the camp» — she stated. The ’Syrian Democratic Forces’ do little to fight the dangerous trends. Despite the arrests and attempts to detain the extremists, the murders and forcing of radicalism continue» — Zakharova concluded.

2 Belgium

During a press conference in Brussels, Joe Biden stated after attending the NATO summit that the efforts to combat the terrorism in Afghanistan must continue. According to him, the NATO leaders agree to provide «diplomatic, economic and humanitarian support to the people of Afghanistan», as well as «the support to the armed forces and security forces of the country». Earlier, the head of the US Central Command, Kenneth Mackenzie, stated that Washington won’t support the Afghan forces with airstrikes after the pulling of the US troops from Afghanistan. According to him, the only reason for any air strikes that the USA will perform in Afghanistan after the pulling out will be the discovered plans to conduct potential terrorist attacks on the territory of the USA, and the allies.

3 Belgium

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated during a press conference after his talks in Brussels with Joe Biden, after the NATO summit, that the Turkish position on the Russian-made S-400 AA missile systems remains the same. Tayyip Erdogan noted that he mentioned the steps that Turkey and the USA can jointly take in relation to the defense industry. The same position of Turkey was expressed about the situation with the American F-35 fighters. According to Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey and the USA have no unsolvable problems. The parties are ready to develop the relations on the mutual grounds.

4 Ukraine

The president of Ukraine Vladimyr Zelenskyy commented on the results of the NATO summit by stating that Ukraine deserves to be a full member of the NATO. ’Ukraine shouldn’t ask for an admission to the NATO’ — end of quote. The final statement of the summit participants stated that Ukraine and Georgia will be able to become the NATO members in the future. Nothing was said about the possible timeframes. Vladimir Zelenskyy welcomed the decision of the NATO summit on the intentions to admit Ukraine to the NATO. He also expressed his regret that the NATO didn’t specify the specific time.

5 Russia

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Russia is ready to develop «inter-regional cooperation with the USA in the framework of the Russian-American Pacific partnership». He added that Moscow is interested «in the creation of new regional structures, including the Bering and the Pacific-Arctic Regional Council, which involves the participation of a number of the Russian Arctic areas, and Alaska». He noted that the USA are still considering the proposal.

6 Israel

The Israeli mass media reported that the IDF has deployed ’’Iron Dome’’ systems all over Israel, and the IDF requested additional troops to maintain order in the West Bank. The IDF is expecting new clashes during the march of the right-wing Jewish activists that carry Israeli flags in Jerusalem’s Old City area on 15th of June. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ’ANNA NEWS’

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