Israel hit the Gaza Strip


1 Israel — The Gaza Strip

The IDF reported on Twitter that on Wednesday night the IDF bombed military targets of the radical Palestinian movement «Hamas» in the Gaza Strip. The air strike was a response to the launch of a rocket at Israel. «In response to a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel tonight, the IDF fighters and attack helicopters hit a workshop where such rockets were made, and also a Hamas military post» — the statement reported.

2 Syria

During the meeting at the final board of the Russian Guard, the head of the Russian Guard, Viktor Zolotov, announced that the Russian Guards have completed about 10,000 different combat missions in Syria. «Currently the servicemen of the National Guard have completed about 10,000 tasks in Syria together with the Russian military police» — Viktor Zolotov explained and added that the Russian Guard has been performing tasks in Syria since 2018. During this time, about 6,000 Russian Guardsmen gained combat experience. The press service of the Russian Guard explained that the servicemen provide medical aid to the locals, provide them with water and food, and also protect the humanitarian supplies.

3 Libya

On Tuesday, the interim government of Abdullah at-Thani, which ruled over the eastern Libya, transferred their powers to the ’Government of National Unity’, headed by Abdel Hamid Dbeiba — the local mass media reported. The ceremony took place at the HQ of the interim cabinet in Benghazi, and it was symbolic. On 16th of March, a proper ceremony was held for the official transfer of power to the new Cabinet of Ministers from the ’Government of National Accord’ of Libya in Tripoli, headed by Faiz Sarraj.

4 Armenia

The Armenian parliament canceled the martial law in the country. The decision was made during a parliamentary meeting, which was broadcast by the local TV channels. 118 deputies voted ’for’ the abolition of martial law. The proposal to abolish martial law was initiated by the opposition political groups «Enlightened Armenia» and «Prosperous Armenia». The martial law was introduced at the end of September 2020, due to the war in Nagorno-Karabakh.

5 Armenia

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, stated in the parliament that the ruling political party of Armenia «My Step» intends to change the electoral code to a proportional system before the early parliamentary elections. Nikol Pashinyan noted that after the consultations with the parliamentary factions «Enlightened Armenia» and «Prosperous Armenia», it was decided to hold early parliamentary elections on 20th of June. «Our colleagues stated that they wouldn’t mind if we change the electoral code, and move to the absolute proportional system. They stated that they won’t vote ’’for’’ or ’’against’’ the change» — Nikol Pashinyan explained.

6 Armenia

The Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia, Mher Grigoryan, stated in the parliament that Yerevan and Baku, with the mediation of Moscow, are discussing the unblocking of all communications that used to be operational in the Soviet times. “Basically we are discussing the possibility of unblocking of all the communications that worked back in the Soviet times” — Grigoryan explained. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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