Israel launched a missile attack at the south of Syria


1. Syria — Israel

Israeli armed forces launched a missile attack on the Tel-Hara district in Dera’a province, in the southern Syria. The SANA agency reported that Israel began their attack on Tel-Hara at about 1:30 AM. The attack caused material damage. The Tel-Hara district was attacked by Israel not for the first time. Israel is acting against the Tehran-supported militias that operate in the southern Syria and at the Golan Heights, near the Israeli border. Last month, the Syrian army reported that they shot down several Israeli missiles, aimed at that particular district.

2 Russia

Moscow proposed a creation of a united anti-terrorist coalition in the Persian Gulf, in which all the local countries would participate on an equal basis — Interfax reports. The presentation of the new Russian proposition was held by the Russian Foreign Ministry for the diplomats from the Arab countries, Iran, Turkey, the permanent members of the UN Security Council, the Arab League, the European Union and the BRICS. Moscow believes that it is possible to stabilize the situation in the Persian Gulf only via «truly inclusive regional security system.» The main principle of the presented concept is “the step by step multilateralism, and the strict observance of the international law, mainly the UN Charter and the resolution of the Security Council” — the Russian Foreign Ministry explained. The coalition, proposed by Moscow, will be able to resolve the local conflicts and controversial issues, aside from fighting the local extremists and terrorists.

3 Pakistan

At least 2 people died, 25 were injured as a result of an explosion in the city of Quetta — the capital of the south-western Pakistani province of Baluchistan — the Interfax reported. An IED was attached to a motorcycle that was parked at the entrance of a pharmacy located at a busy intersection in the city. So far, none of the active terrorist groups in this region of Pakistan claimed the responsibility for the explosion.

4. Syria

The terrorists from the Idlib DMZ shelled 8 settlements in the Syrian provinces of Hama, Lattakia and Aleppo — the head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, Major-General Alexei Bakin, announced. During the day, the terrorists shelled the settlements of Scalbiyah, Sharia, Kfar Nbuda, Huayz and Jalammah in the Hama province, the settlement of Jamaliya in the province of Aleppo, and the settlements of Royset el-Horsh and Mortlu in the province of Latakia — TASS reports. Alexey Bakin added that the representatives of the Center continue to support the work of 10 checkpoints, built for the return of refugees.

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