Israel prepares for a war against the Hamas


1 the USA

Donald Trump may appoint the current Secretary of State Michael Pompeo as his new National Security Assistant. In such case, he will simultaneously hold both positions — the CNN reports. According to the CNN — the last time one person simultaneously had both of these positions was about 50 years ago. Henry Kissinger was both the Secretary of State and the Presidential Assistant for the National Security, for almost two years. On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that he fired his former National Security Assistant John Bolton. He noted that John Bolton made «a number of very big mistakes» in regards to the DPRK, Venezuela, and Iraq.

2 the UK

The British government, under a pressure from the opposition, published the so-called »Yellow Hammer» plan. The plan for the most pessimistic scenario for the UK economy if London leaves the EU without an agreement with Brussels — The Guardian reports with a reference to the document. According to the document, the “hard” Brexit may lead to the higher prices for food and fuel, and a disrupt of the supply of medicines. Also a possible increase of the «unrest and tension». In addition, leaving the EU without a deal could lead to serious disruptions at the border. According to the British government, about 85% of trucks crossing the English Channel may not be ready to introduce customs control on the border with France. This situation can last up to 3 months. The opposition announced that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “obliged to admit” his “dishonest” behavior, since he “tried to ignore these warnings and hide the facts from the public”. The opposition urges to prevent a “hard” Brexit

3. Ukraine

The Ukrainian parliament supported the bill on the measures, aimed to prepare the state for the transition to the martial law and to «repulse an armed aggression», during the first reading. The law was introduced by the country’s president, Vladimir Zelensky. The draft law was developed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, as a part of the implementation of one of the clauses of the “Priority Action Plan for the Implementation and Maintenance of the Legal Regime of the Martial Law in the Selected Regions of Ukraine”, which was approved on 27th of November, 2018. In case of the final adoption — this document will make it possible to consolidate, at the legislative level, the need to develop and approve the «Plan of Defense of Ukraine» by the president.

4. Israel

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a military operation in the Gaza Strip will, most likely, have to be carried out. “We will have no choice but to start a large-scale military campaign, and enter the war against Hamas, and destroy the rule of terrorists in Gaza” — the state-owned television and radio company Kan quoted Netanyahu. “I will do this only when we are fully prepared. It’s no secret that we are preparing for a new war. I am responsible for the results” — the Prime Minister specified. The escalation of the situation on the border with the Palestinian enclave began during the last Friday, when Netanyahu announced his intention to extend the Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley if he wins the early parliamentary election on 17th of September.

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