Israeli aircraft in the sky over Lebanon


1 Lebanon

On Monday, the Lebanese National News Agency reported that the Israeli Air Force violated the Lebanese airspace. The Israeli aircraft were spotted in the sky over Beirut and the nearby areas on Sunday evening. According to the news agency — the aircraft are still flying there at the medium altitude. Lebanon has repeatedly sent complaints to the UN Security Council, accusing Israel of violating their sovereignty.

2 Pakistan

«24news TV» reported that a Pakistani Air Force fighter crashed during a training flight in eastern Punjab. Both the flight instructor and the pilot died. The plane crashed on an open field — there were no destructions or casualties on the chash site. The exact type of the crashed aircraft was not specified. A special commission will investigate this incident.

3 Serbia

The Russian military doctors have prepared a military hospital in the Serbian city of Niš for receiving new patients. The Russian experts sanitized 13 facilities in the city of Belgrade — the Serbian Minister of Defense, Alexander Vulin, reported — The Russian Ministry of Defense quoted his words. The Ministry added that by the decision of the Serbian authorities — the military hospital will receive residents of the city of Niš and the nearby settlements that are not infected with the new coronavirus. It will help the other hospitals, currently tasked to fight the coronavirus. The Russian medical teams received patients in 2 more Serbian cities.

4 Russia — Iran

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that on Monday, the foreign ministers of Russia and Iran, Sergey Lavrov and Javad Zarif, had a telephone conversation. They discussed the coordination in the fight against the new coronavirus, and the need to cancel the sanctions on the supply of medicines. The parties also discussed the situation in Afghanistan, and the prospects for the intensifying of the efforts aimed to resolve the situation in Yemen given the latest UN proposals. It was noted that the telephone conversation was initiated by the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

5 Russia

The Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Anastasia Rakova, stated that over the past day 150 people got better and left the Moscow hospitals. The number of people, recovered from the new coronavirus in Moscow, increased up to 837 people. The press service of the Rospotrebnadzor department reported that about 141,000 people remain under a medical supervision in Russia due to the suspected infection with the new coronavirus. The Russian HQ, made to fight the coronavirus, reported that a total of 179 people recovered from the coronavirus in Russia over the past day, and 1,470 people have recovered so far. The number of people, infected with the new coronavirus in Russia, has grown over the past 24 hours by 2,558, up to 18,328 people in 82 regions of the country. “18 patients died over the past day. 148 people died all over Russia from the coronavirus so far” — the HQ specified.

6 Russia — Moscow

The official website of the mayor and the government of Moscow now has a section on the digital passes for the movement of citizens. This measure was introduced due to the common violations of the self-isolation. The document is required for the movement on any type of personal or public transport, such as taxi, bicycle, and so on. One doesn’t need the digital pass to move around the city on foot. «The pass, obtained in the territory of the city of Moscow, is also valid in the territory of the Moscow region. The residents of other subjects of Russia that plan to visit Moscow need to obtain a digital pass as well» — the statement explained. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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