Joint exercises of the Russian Navy and the Syrian Navy


1 Syria — Russia

Joint exercises of the Russian Navy and the Syrian naval forces started in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The exercises will be attended by Russian ships, the aircraft from the Khmeimim air base, missile boats, and Syrian minesweepers. The exercises are being held within a single operational background. “Various tactical episodes will be worked out during the exercises” — said the director of the exercises, the Rear Admiral Alexander Yuldashev.

2 the UN

In response to the resolution proposed by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait on the delivery of the humanitarian aid to Syria — Russia submitted its own version of the resolution to the UN Security Council. Germany, Belgium and Kuwait offered to deliver the humanitarian aid under the UN control — without the need for a permission from Damascus. Moscow called such mechanism »non-transparent». Russia proposed a 6-year extension of the cross-border supplies via 2 checkpoints. The document noted the need for «delivery of the aid to all needy areas of Syria, especially Idlib». The document also called on the UN to «improve the control over the aid delivery, and its distribution.»

3 Syria

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, during his two-day visit to Syria, met with the President Bashar Assad. During the meeting they discussed the restoration of the Syrian control over the oil regions of the country. “The situation beyond the Euphrates River is improving. I think that the rightful Syrian land will gradually return under the state control, and the situation will stabilize» — Yuri Borisov said after his meeting with the President of Syria.

4 India

On Tuesday, «The Times of India» reported that students of 36 major universities in India are protesting against the new citizenship law. The classes in many of the universities are now suspended. The total number of the protesters is over 10,000. The students demand the abolition of the amendments to the citizenship law, which entered into force at the end of last week which provoked a responce in the Indian society. The protesters express their solidarity with the students from the ‘Aligarh Muslim University’, and ‘Jamia Millia Islamia University’ in New Delhi. Those universities were temporarily closed after their students carried out protests during which about 60 people were wounded.

5 Libya

»Al-Arabiya» TV channel reports, while citing their sources, that Turkey sent their special forces, advisers and military equipment to Tripoli. Earlier the government of the national consent of Libya asked Turkey for military assistance. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed his readiness to provide any support to the Government of the national consent, and even send the military. According to Erdogan — Turkey doesn’t consider the commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, to be the legal leader of the country.

6 Russia — the USA

The head of the committee of the Russian Federal Council on the Foreign Affairs, Constantine Kosachev, during a press conference on the issues of the international agenda announced that the US embassy didn’t respond to the repeated visa request for his participation in the UN General Assembly. “As of today, the US embassy hasn’t responded to the visa request. This means that for the second time I, a member of the official Russian delegation at a session of the UN General Assembly, will be denied my visa. This means that I won’t be able to participate in the work of the UN General Assembly in the US» — said Constantine Kosachev. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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