Kiev is preparing new provocations with fake videos


1 Ukraine

Ukraine is preparing new fakes to discredit the Russian forces. The Russian Ministry of Defense received an information that the Ukrainian special services want to make fake footage in several cities at once, including Sumy and Konotop. The goal is to blame the Russian forces for the death of civilians. One such video has already been filmed. The time and place are known. The video was made on 4th of April, in the village of Moshchun, near Kiev. The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, stated that the filming of the fake footage was carried out by the 72nd Ukrainian main center of psychological operations. They plan to publish the fakes in the Western mass media.

2 The LPR

The Ukrainian forces blew up a rail-road tank with nitric acid in the city of Rubezjnoe, in the LPR. The consequences for the locals include severe burns and damage to their eyes and lungs. More than 40,000 tons of sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric acid, and ammonia are stored in the warehouses, currently controlled by the Ukrainian forces. Civilians within 30 kilometer radius are under a threat — the representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR, Andrey Marochko, stated on Telegram. He noted that the moment of detonation was planned while taking into account the winds. Currently, the wind is blowing at the city of Kudriashovka, which is controlled by the LPR. The situation is getting worse due to the lack of communication in the city, and the on-going shelling is getting worse, which complicates the evacuation of the civilians from Rubezhnoe — Andrey Marochko explained.

3 Ukraine

«The NATO must have time to re-arm and re-equip the Ukrainian forces» — the Secretary General of the NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, stated on the 5th of April, during a briefing. He explained that the NATO provides military support to Ukraine only to the extent that won’t lead to a full-scale war between Russia and the NATO. He noted that the NATO will have to cooperate with Russia, despite the fact that the relations between the NATO and Moscow have changed dramatically.

4 Ukraine

The Russian National Guard destroyed several MLRS ’Grad’, used by the Ukrainian nationalists — the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. According to the reports, 1 MLRS was destroyed at first, after which the Ukrainian nationalists decided to change the location of the remaining MLRS. Earlier the ANNA NEWS reported that the Russian Guards detained a Ukrainian artillery spotter.

5 Russia

The Russian Permanent Representative in the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, protested against the refusal to call a meeting of the UN Security Council at a Russian request to discuss the situation in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. Russia demanded to call a meeting of the UN Security Council on the events in Bucha 2 times. Both times the UK, which currently chairs the UN, refused to hold a meeting at a request of Russia. Recently Ukraine published a video footage with bodies of murdered civilians, supposedly found in Bucha. The Russian authorities called the footage a well-made fake. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that during the entire time while Bucha was under the Russian control, not a single local resident was harmed by the Russian forces.

6 Russia

The human rights ombudsman, Tatiana Moskalkova, confirmed that Russia and Ukraine carried out an exchange of PoWs, 86 to 86. The list initially included 4 employees of the ’Rosatom’ company, but then Ukraine excluded them from the list. According to her, more than 10 Russian sailors were in the list as well. So far Ukraine doesn’t let them go. Moscow is also trying to return 90 truckers. The Russian Ministry of Defense offered the Ukrainian servicemen, nationalists, and foreign mercenaries, stuck in the city of Mariupol, to stop resisting, and leave the city via a special corridor to the Ukrainian-controlled Zaporozhye region. According to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, 267 Ukrainian servicemen from the 503rd battalion of the 36th separate marine brigade of the Ukrainian Navy have already laid down their arms. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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