Kiev wants to impose sanctions against Russia Breaking News, 1st of December, 2018


The United States have been deceived by many countries — said Donald Trump. By China in particular, according to him. Donald Trump admitted that he sees «almost everything» as a threat to the global economy. “There are many threats” — TASS quotes his words with a reference to ‘Voice of America’. Earlier, the United States announced the failure of their trade negotiations with China. The representative of the United States in the trade negotiations, Robert Lighthizer, said that China didn’t make proposals for a «serious reform» of their trade relations with the United States, especially on the issue of import duties on American cars. According to Robert Lighthizer — China didn’t “sit down at the negotiating table with proposals for a serious reform.” He also expressed an opinion that «Chinese aggressive industrial policy is aimed at causing serious damage to US workers and manufacturers.»

Kiev is considering various options of new sanctions against Russia in connection with the events in the Kerch Strait. Including a ban on the entry of Russian ships from the Azov and Black Seas to some seaports, said the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin. “One of the ideas we are talking about is not letting the Russian ships from the Azov or the Black Sea to enter some seaports. Or not letting some of the ships to enter. And to limit all possible contacts” — he said to the Ukrainian TV channel ‘Inter’. Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian security service, Igor Guskov, announced that Ukraine is preparing «mirror actions» against Russia that detained Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait for their violation of the Russian borders.

The prosecutor office of Salzburg reported that the retired Austrian colonel, allegedly spying for Moscow, was taken into custody. The man was detained on 30st of November. He was arrested during the investigation, Interfax reports while citing the Associated Press. Earlier, on 13th of November, the court of Salzburg refused to detain a 70-year-old man who was suspected of 20-years long spying activities for Russia.

British State Minister Sam Gyimah, responsible for the higher education and science in the UK, resigned due to his disagreement with the reached agreement with the EU on Brexit, TASS reported. It became known on Friday, from a statement on his Facebook page in which he explained his reasons. Sam Gyimah became the seventh member of the British Cabinet after the Prime Minister Theresa May presented a draft Brexit agreement.

The two opposition parties of Venezuela — «Justice above all» and «Will of the People» — asked the Bank of England to not return the Venezuelan gold back the country, since, in their opinion, it can be used to enhance the repression against those who disagree with the President of the country — Nicholas Maduro, RIA News reports. The parties sent a letter to London in which they explained their appeal. «Without any doubt, the intention of Maduro and his regime is to steal the gold, which belongs to the people, and to use it for their personal gain or to finance even greater repression» — the letter was signed by the politicians Julio Borges and Carlos Vecchio said. The 14 tons of Venezuelan gold is worth of $ 550 millions of dollars, and currently it is in the vaults of the Bank of England.

Kurt Walker, the US State Department’s special representative for Ukraine, urged Europe to introduce additional sanctions against Russia due to the incident in the Kerch Strait. He assured that the United States will do the same, TASS reports. “It would be very good if the Europeans considered the possibility of additional sanctions. We in Washington would have done the same thing” — said Kurt Walker. He also urged Russia to »free the Ukrainian ships and sailors, and return to the negotiating table in order to resolve the conflict in the long term.» At the same time, Kurt Walker considers unimportant to ask who exactly is responsible for what happened in the Kerch Strait: in the opinion of the politician — “it has secondary importance”.

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