Kim Jong-un will visit Russia


The visit of the Chairman of the State Council of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, to Russia may take place during the next week — TASS reports with a reference to the Yonhap agency. The agency reported that Vladimir Putin will take part in the forum “One Belt — One Way” on 26th and 27th of April, in China. A source of the agency believes that his meeting with Kim Jong-un will take place a day or two before or after the event.

2 Canada

A 78-years-old man died after a shooting in a church of the city of Salmon Arm in Canada — CTV reports. Another person was wounded. It was noted that a 25-years-old man entered the church, and shot two parishioners several times. The shooter was arrested. According to the preliminary information — the police does not associate the crime with religious motives.

3 Russia

Russia is ready to pay a debt of 60 millions of Euros to the PACE, the »Izvestiya» newspaper reported while citing a diplomatic source. The head of the Russian Federal Council Committee on the International Affairs, Konstantin Kosachev, explained to »Izvestiya» during an interview that Moscow could take such step after the PACE removes the threat of a further discrimination against the national delegations. “In such case — Russia will be ready to not only pay the annual contribution, but also pay the debt that has accumulated over the past two years” — Konstantin Kosachev explained

4 Belgium (Brussels)

On Monday, the EU Council approved the European gas directive, with included amendments. The directive extends the EU gas market rules on the pipelines, laid by the non-EU countries, which includes the «Nord Stream — 2″ that stretches from Russia to Germany — Interfax reports. Earlier, the European Parliament voted »for» the updated directive. According to the directive — the parts of the pipelines, coming from the third countries, and laid across the EU, including the EU territorial waters, will have to meet the requirements for the EU internal pipelines. The main requirements are: The separation of the gas supplying companies and the gas transporting companies. Access to the pipelines for the other operators. And transparent regulation of the tariffs. Thus, the company operating the »Nord Stream-2» must be independent from Gazprom, and 50% of the pipeline’s capacity must be reserved for the alternative suppliers

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