Kyrgyzstan accused Tajikistan of military intervention


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Kyrgyzstan consider the conflict on the border with Tajikistan, which took place on 29th of April, as an invasion of the Tajik military with the aim of seizing some territory. The press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kyrgyzstan said that Tajikistan had planned in advance, and in an organized manner approached the operation to invade Kyrgyzstan.

The department points at the fact of the use of offensive heavy weapons far from the places of permanent deployment of the military as a proof of their words. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Kyrgyzstan added that not only the regular troops of Tajikistan, but also armed mercenaries and bandits were involved in the conflict on the border.

The Tajik military is being blamed for setting fire to the houses of civilians in Kyrgyzstan, and for the looting of the infrastructure.

According to the statement of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the military of Kyrgyzstan is assigned the role of defenders of civilians and the country’s sovereignty. Officially, they used their firearms exclusively for the self-defense purposes.

Given the aforementioned details, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kyrgyzstan opened a criminal case under the article «Crime against the peace.»

The fighting on the border of the two countries took place on 29th of April. The reason for the conflict was the video surveillance cameras installed by the Tajik military on a pole near the ’Golovnoy’ water station. After the representatives of the Tajik authorities refused to comply with the request of the residents of Kyrgyzstan to remove the surveillance cameras, a fight ensued at the border.

The military of both sides joined the fight. Back then the leaders of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan managed to agree on an ceasefire. However, a day later, gunfire was still observed in the border areas. On 2nd of May, the delegations of the two countries signed a joint protocol on the delimitation and demarcation of the border.

According to the available data, 16 Tajik people died, over 110 were injured. Kyrgyzstan announced the death of 36 people, and 183 wounded.

The ’ANNA NEWS’ agency follows the events. Stay tuned.

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