Large-scale exercise in the Mediterranean Sea


This is a special program from the ’ANNA NEWS’, I am Constantine Reztsov.

On Friday, the Russian military began a massive exercise in the Mediterranean sea. The Western countries perceive it as a show of force after the incident with the HMS ’Defender’ in the Black Sea. There is only 30 km between the zones of the Russian exercises, and the location of the British fleet.

On 25th of June the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that MiG-31K fighters, capable of carrying supersonic missiles ’Kinjal’, joined the large-scale exercises of the Russian Air Force and Navy in the Mediterranean Sea.

The goal of the training is to test the military equipment in difficult climatic conditions, and to train the defensive actions of the Russian bases in Khmeimim and Tartus. The fighters have successfully completed their training missions to destroy a simulated enemy.

In addition to MiG-31s, several Su-35 fighters, Tu-22 M3 bombers, 1 IL-38 anti-submarine aircraft, 5 naval ships, including the frigate Admiral Makarov and two submarines — ’Stariy Oskol’ and ’Rostov-na-Donu’, are also participating in the training.

Last month, Russia deployed Tu-22 M3 bombers, known as «aircraft carrier killers», in Syria, thus enhancing the military foothold of Russia in the Mediterranean region.

The Russian military upgraded the main runway of the ’Khmeimim’ base in Syria by adapting it to heavy bombers. They also built a second runway.

Russia has also expanded and upgraded the naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus; it is the only such base outside the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The Russian exercise in the eastern Mediterranean sea is taking place at a time when a strike group of British aircraft carrier planes is being stationed in the area.

Earlier this week, British and American F-35 fighters conducted combat operations against terrorists of the ISIS from the HMS ’Queen Elizabeth’.

As it was noted by the mass media — it was the first time since 1943 when American military aircraft carried out combat missions from a foreign aircraft carrier.

The ’ANNA NEWS’ follows the events. Stay tuned.

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