Libya. Faiz Sarraj resigns


1 Libya

The head of the Libyan Government of the National Accord, Faiz Sarraj, announced his decision to resign. He intends to transfer his powers to the new unified executive bodies, which have yet to be formed via the inter-Libyan negotiations by the end of October. “I declare my desire to transfer my powers to the future executive power no later than the end of October. I hope that the negotiating committee will complete their work, form a new Presidential Council, and name the new prime minister. Naturally it should take place within the framework of the agreements of the Berlin Conference, which were approved by the UN Security Council” — Sarraj stated in a video, published by the »Al Jazeera» TV.

2 Turkey

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that during the talks in Ankara, the Russian and Turkish delegations came close to an agreement on the parameters of the ceasefire in Libya. Mevlut Cavusoglu reminded that the negotiations on Libya were held in Ankara, on Tuesday. The negotiations on Syria took place on Wednesday. «We can say that we are close to an agreement on the parameters of the ceasefire in Libya» — the minister concluded. The Inter-departmental negotiations between Russia and Turkey took place in Ankara on 15th and 16th of September. The previous round of negotiations was held on 31st of August and 1st of September, in Moscow. Before that, the inter-departmental consultations between Russia and Turkey on the settlement in Libya were held on 21st and 22nd of July, in Ankara.

3 The USA — Taiwan

The Financial Times reported while citing their source that the USA intend to sell weapons to Taiwan, such as naval mines, land-based cruise missiles and drones, all worth of $7 billions of dollars, in order to enhance their defenses. The US Deputy Head of State, Keith Krach, will arrive in Taiwan on Thursday for a 3-day visit. The ‘Central Taiwan News Agency’ reported while citing the representative of Taiwan in Washington, Xiao Meiqin, that Keith Krach won’t host the 1st meeting of the high-level economic negotiations, even though he was assigned to lead the negotiations from the American side. It was reported that during the visit of the American diplomat, the parties will discuss the preparation for the negotiations. The dialogue won’t take place just yet. The visit of Keith Krach will take place from 17th to 19th of September.

4 China

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stated during a briefing that «China is strongly opposed to any official contacts between Taiwan and the USA». According to him, the trip of the deputy head of the US State Department, Keith Krach, to Taiwan, is a »violation of the principle of ‘One China’ and 3 joint communiqués». »Such actions will harm the US-Chinese relations, as well as the peace and stability of the region. China is strongly opposing such actions. China has already issued a stern warning to the USA» — Wang Wenbin explained and added that China «urges the USA to immediately cease any official exchanges with Taiwan». According to him, «China will take appropriate measures due to this situation».

5 Afghanistan

The Afghan TV channel »1 TV» reported about clashes in the Nangarhar province which resulted in nearly 30 Taliban terrorists getting killed by the Afghan security forces. The ‘1TV’ quoted a statement from the representative of the provincial administration, Atatullah Hogyani. It was reported that on Thursday night, the terrorists attacked several security posts of the Afghan forces in the Khesarak and Sherzad areas. As a result of the return fire from the government forces — 29 terrorists were killed, at least 20 were injured. The attack also took lives of 20 Afghan servicemen. 15 servicemen were injured.
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