Libyan forces of the government of the national consent won’t stop fighting


1 Russia — Iran

The Russian Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces signed a memorandum on the expansion of the bilateral relations — the commander of the Iranian Navy, Hossein Khanadi, announced. He noted that the document was signed during his visit to Russia, where he visited the Navy Day in St. Petersburg, TASS reports. “This is the first memorandum of understanding of such kind. It can be seen as a turning point in the defense matters between Tehran and Moscow” — Hossein Khanadi explained. Earlier he said that in the future, Russia and Iran could hold joint naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz. The negotiations aimed to expand the cooperation in the defense matters in the Caspian Sea are underway.

2. Yemen

An airstrike of the coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, on the positions of the rebels in the north of Yemen killed at least 10 civilians. Some of them were children — the Associated Press reports. It was noted that the coalition warplanes attacked the Houthi-controlled province of Sa’ada. According to the Houthi health service — 27 people suffered as a result of the air strike.

3 China — the USA

Beijing won’t make a trade deal if Washington won’t show due respect, and won’t start conducting the dialogue on an equal basis — says a special commentary of the Xinhua News Agency, made before the 12th round of the Chinese-American trade talks in Shanghai. “During the current round of the trade negotiations, the USA should conduct the consultations on an equal basis, and treat China with due respect if they want the trade deal” — TASS quotes Xinhua — “If Washington still has the illusion that Beijing will yield and compromise on the issues, relating to the sovereignty, and other issues of the basic interests, in any way, just for the sake of making the deal — then there will be no deal. China will always find a way to resist any pressure” — Xinhua underlined.

4. Turkey

The Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar, during a telephone conversation with the US Defense Secretary Mark Esper, reminded about the words of the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan: “if there won’t be a consensus during the negotiations — Turkey will be forced to singlehandedly form a security zone in the northern Syria”. During the talks, the Turkish minister expressed hope «for the complete cessation of the US support to the terrorist organizations of the ‘Kurdistan Workers’ Party’ and ‘the People’s Self-Defense Forces» — TASS reports. He also expressed a hope that the US would «take back the weapons, given to the ‘Kurdistan Workers’ Party’ and the ‘People’s Self-Defense Forces», as well as «Pull them out from the area where it is planned to form the security zone»

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