Liz Truss steps down as British Prime Minister


1 Ukraine The Russian Ministry of Defense reported about the new attacks on the Ukrainian energy systems. Over the past day, the Russian forces continued to carry out long-range precision-guided air attacks on the Ukrainian military command and energy facilities. All the targets were hit. In the Nikolaev region, 4 power supply facilities were destroyed. 1 similar facility plus 1 industrial facility were damaged in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The Ukrainian authorities reported that in total 40% of the energy infrastructure was disabled. Ukraine has strong restrictions on the use of energy. Kiev was without the lights during the last night. It will be repeated for several times per day, for about 4 hours. Trolleybuses will stop running in a number of cities. The traffic lights and street lights won’t work as well.

2 Russia The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, reported about a new shelling of the region by the Ukrainian forces. They opened fire on the village of Murom, in the Shebekinsky urban district. The attack damaged some private residences, a kindergarten, a school, a shop, a local cultural center, and a family doctor’s office. No-one was hurt.

3 Republics of Donbass The Ukrainian Nazis attacked the Kakhovka HPP 5 times over the past day — the head of the Novokakhovka administrative district, Vladimir Leontyev, reported and added that the hydroelectric plant, and Novaya Kakhovka itself, were attacked with Ukrainian rockets. Vladimir Leontiev underlined that if the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station is broken due to the shelling, the water supply to Crimea will be cut off. The repair will take a long while. «If the hydroelectric power station is broken — then the North Crimean Canal, and Crimea, will remain without water for many years until the repair is completed» — Vladimir Leontiev explained on-air of «Soloviev Live» tv show. Earlier the local authorities recommended to the residents who were significantly affected over the recent time to move to more peaceful places, due to the increased risk of a man-made disaster.

4 Iraq 2 people were injured on 20th of October from a car explosion in a city of Sulaymaniyah, in north of Iraq — the Reuters reported. The police blocked off a street in the city center where the car bomb exploded. An immediate investigation was launched to investigate the purpose of the attack.

5 The LPR The Ukrainian forces used MLRS HIMARS to attack the town of Chervoniy Prapor, in the LPR. 5 workers of the emergency services died, 9 were injured — the LPR office at the Joint Control and Coordination Center reported. «During the elimination of the consequences of night shelling of the village of Chervoniy Prapor, the Ukrainian forces launched a repeated missile strike, which killed 5 and injured 9 workers of the emergency services of the LPR» — the report on their Telegram channel stated. Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian forces launched a rocket strike from MLRS HIMARS at the administration building of the town of Energodar. The bridge at the entrance to the town and a local substation ’’Luch’’ were damaged.

6 The UK The new prime minister of the UK could be Larry the Cat. The king of the country, Charles the Third, has already «addressed» the proposal to take the post to the chief mouser of the British government. The fluffy resident of the Downing Street reported about it on his social network account. Such humorous post was made after the big statement from Liz Truss. On 20th of October she announced her decision to retire. She stayed in office for merely 44 days. Liz Truss will remain in her position until a successor is named. She added that the election of a new leader of the Conservatives, and the country, will be held on the next week. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, stated regarding this event that Liz Truss will be remembered only for her helmet on the tank, catastrophic illiteracy, and the fact that Queen Elizabeth the Second died immediately after the audience with Liz Truss. The rule of Liz Truss caused a discontent among the UK population due to the tax reforms. This policy led to a collapse in the stock and bond markets, due to which the British pound fell to a record low.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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