Maduro suggested a plan of deployment of the Venezuelan troops


Donald Trump sent a letter to the both houses of Congress, in which he announced the introduction of a state of emergency in the United States — Interfax reports with a reference to the Associated Press. «I report that, in accordance with my authority, I declared a nationwide state of emergency in order to ensure the border security, and to deal with the humanitarian crisis that threatens the United States» — the letter explains. Earlier on Friday, Donald Trump said that he decided to sign a document on the state of emergency, which will allow him to receive $ 8 billions of dollars to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Earlier, in response to the $ 5.7 billions of dollars, requested by Donald Trump to build a wall on the border with Mexico — the Congress wanted allocate only $ 1 billion and 375 millions of dollars.

2 the USA

At least 5 people died on Friday as a result of shooting in the city of Aurora, Illinois, inside the building of the company «Henry Pratt». 5 policemen also received gunshot wounds and were hospitalized — TASS reports while referring the statement of the city police chief Kristen Ziman. According to her — «the shooter showed fierce resistance to the police. His name is Harry Martin, 45 years old. We believe that he was an employee of that company» — Kristen Ziman told and added that the motives of the killer are still unknown. The vice-governor of Illinois, Julina Stratton, pointed out that the shooting took place a day after the first anniversary of the shooting in the Parkland school, Florida. 17 people died on that day

3 Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed a permanent deployment of the Venezuelan armed forces for the protection against a possible invasion — RIA NEWS reports. “It is planned to keep the Bolivarian armed forces mobilized constantly, in order to defend the country. It is one of our constitutional duties” — said Nicolas Maduro while concluding the results of the ‘Angostura’ military exercises. Nicolas Maduro added that Colombia and the United States are considering an invasion in Venezuela. He assured that his plan «guarantees security and peace of Venezuela»

4 the USA — Syria

The representatives of the US White House and the US Congress, during the 55th Munich Security Conference, urged Britain, Germany and France to create a secured zone in north-eastern Syria by sending a joint military contingent, needed to protect the Kurds — the Washington Post reports. According to the sources of The Washington Post in the Pentagon — the US Defense Department is working on a plan of creation of a security zone for the Kurdish forces in north-eastern Syria, with the participation of the soldiers from European countries — TASS reports. The article mentions that the United States can leave about 200 of US servicemen in north-eastern Syria if Europe decides to send a contingent of 1,500 people in there. In such case, the US military will help the Europeans with the intelligence, as well as command and control matters.

5 the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic will send a mechanized infantry battalion to the NATO rapid reaction forces, the deployment of which won’t take more than 30 days — TASS reports with a reference to the statement of the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Republic — Alesha Opata. «The Czech Republic will send 800 troops and 200 vehicles to the NATO rapid reaction forces that will be ready for deployment within 30 days. An entire mechanized infantry battalion». The project of NATO rapid reaction forces was discussed in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday by NATO defense ministers. The implementation of the project is expected by 2021. It is assumed that 30 mechanized infantry battalions, 30 warships and 30 air squadrons of NATO must be constantly ready for the deployment within 30 days.

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