Mass riots in the USA


1 The USA

The US President Donald Trump called the riots in the USA to be «acts of internal terrorism». The White House spokeswoman, Kaylee McKinany, announced that Donald Trump decided to send additional federal forces to curb the unrest in the country after his meeting with the head of Pentagon Mark Esper and the head of the Justice Department, William Barr. 40 American cities, including Washington and New York, have curfews due to the ongoing protests. The CNN reports, while citing their Pentagon sources, that the US Department of Defense is deploying up to 250 troops to Washington to ensure the security in the city. The troops won’t assist the police in the detaining of protesters however. The head of the National Guard’s bureau, General Joseph Langeil, tweeted that more than 17,000 US National Guard servicemen «are helping the local and the state forces to counter-act the public unrest.»

2 The USA

The Forensic Bureau of the Hennepin County, state Minnesota, has published the autopsy report of George Floyd. The medical experts concluded that the 46-years-old African-American man was killed. The cause of death is »the cardio-pulmonary shock, escalated by the methods of pacification used by the police officers, plus the pressure applied on the neck». Traces of fentanyl intoxication and a trace of the recent use of methamphetamine were found as well. The medical experts clarified that the conclusion about the violent nature of the death of George Floyd has a neutral wording that doesn’t reflect anyone’s guilt, or intentionality of the actions. The CNN reported that the independent experts hired by the Floyd family found that he died due to the strangulation.

3 The USA

Mark Polonkarts, the Chief Executive of the Erie County Twitted that on Tuesday night two police officers were seriously injured during a riot in the city of Buffalo, state of New York, when they were hit by an SUV. The police officers were hospitalized. They received serious injuries, but they are in a stable condition. The driver and the passengers were detained.

4 Syria

The ‘SANA’ news agency reports that in the northern Syrian province of Hasakah, the residents of the village of Abu Rasein, together with the Syrian troops, intercepted an American convoy of 8 armored vehicles. The locals and the Syrian troops forced the convoy to retreat and get back to their base. The ‘SANA’ reminded that earlier, on 30th May, the American forces sent a military convoy of 25 armored vehicles to Syria. The convoy headed to the base located at the southern entrance to the city of Rmeilan, in the north-east of Hasakah province. The Syrian authorities have repeatedly stated that the presence of the American forces in Syria violates the sovereignty of the country, as well as the international rules.

5 India

The »Hindustan Times» reported that the Indian forces eliminated 3 pro-Pakistani extremists during a counter-terrorist operation in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The operation against the extremists who infiltrated from Pakistan lasted for 4 days in the Nausher area, in the north of the region. The »Hindustan Times» reported while citing their military sources that Pakistani-made weapons, ammunition and grenades were found at the scene of the battle with the extremists. The Indian army has enhanced their border security in the region due to the attempts of the extremists to infiltrate India from the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir. Anti-terrorist operations are being conducted in the Punch County, as well as in several other highland areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

6 Israel

The Israeli Minister of Defense and the Deputy Prime Minister Beni Ganz announced on Twitter that on Monday he ordered the head of the General Staff of the IDF, Aviv Kokhavi, to speed up the military preparations for the planned annexation of a part of the West Bank of the Jordan river in July 2020, in accordance with the peace plan of the US president Donald Trump. The Israeli Minister of Defense added that he will appoint a person to coordinate the work of various government agencies that will be involved in the extension of sovereignty to the West Bank of the Jordan River. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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