Missile attack on Damascus


1 Syria

The SANA news agency reported that the Syrian air defenses repelled a missile strike on the city of Damascus. According to the SANA — the missile attack was carried out by Israel. The missiles were launched from the Lebanese airspace. The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept several missiles. No data on the victims and injuries was published so far.

2 Saudi Arabia — Yemen

The ‘Al Arabiya’ TV reported that the Saudi-led coalition urged the Yemeni separatists to abolish the introduced self-government regime in their southern regions. Khaled bin Salman al Saud, the deputy defense minister of Saudi Arabia, called on «all the parties in Aden and in the south to make the people of Yemen the priority, and to abide to the agreements reached in Riyadh during the last November». “Saudi Arabia and the UAE confirmed that the agreement is the only way forward. We hope that all the parties will adhere to their obligations” — he concluded.

3 Iraq

The official spokesman for the Iraqi commander in chief, General Abdel Karim Khalaf, announced that the USA and Iraq will discuss a schedule for the complete withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq in June — the Iraqi news website ‘Bagdad Al Yaum’ quoted the general. The decision to conduct such negotiations was made «based on the decision of the country’s parliament on the need for a complete removal of the foreign troops from Iraq». The general underlined that even after the withdrawal of the US troops — «The cooperation between Iraq and the USA in the security matters will continue».

4 The USA — Iran

«The New York Times» reported while citing their sources in the US administration that Washington will try to get the UN Security Council to adopt a draft resolution that preserves the arms embargo on Iran. The draft is based on the provisions of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan, left by the USA in 2018. «The New York Times» reported that the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo approved the plan, according to which the USA, from the legal point of view, are still a member of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan, and thus — the USA have the right to demand the renewal of the UN sanctions that were in force before the signing of the nuclear deal. »The New York Times» noted that many US allies in Europe will oppose this plan, and the selective treatment of the international treaty by the USA.

5 Russia — Serbia — Italy

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Russian medical experts, together with their Serbian colleagues, processed 30 objects in several cities in Serbia over the past day. The medical teams took part in the examination and treatment of 22 patients in 4 Serbian cities. Meanwhile, Alessandro Segrezio, the mayor of the Italian city of Pontoglio, in the province of Brescia, thanked the Russian specialists that arrived to disinfect a local elderly house. The Russian military experts, together with the Italian colleagues, disinfected the interior space and nearby roads of 3 medical facilities in the province of Brescia.

6 Russia

The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced during a meeting with the deputy prime ministers that a second package of measures, aimed to support the citizens and the economy, has begun to operate in Russia. The Russian government has adopted all the necessary regulatory framework for the implementation of the second anti-crisis package of measures. “Hundreds of billions of rubles have been already allocated to the implementation. It is important that these funds must reach the recipients as soon as possible” — Mishustin explained. The Prime Minister also announced the preparation of the third package of such measures. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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