Missile strike on Aleppo


1 Syria

The ‘SANA’ news agency reported that the Syrian air defenses repelled a missile attack in the Aleppo province. According to the SANA — the missile strike was carried out by the Israeli Air Force. «Our air defenses opened fire on the enemy targets east of the city of Aleppo» — the SANA reported. It was specified that the Syrian air defenses hit several Israeli missiles before they reached their targets.

2 Iraq

The »Al Sumaria» TV reported while citing an official statement from the Iraqi law enforcement agencies that the Baghdad International Airport was under a rocket fire on Thursday evening. It was reported that 1 rocket hit the airport, but it didn’t cause any harm. It was reported that the rocket was launched from the area of Al-Furat, from the east. It was the 2nd shelling of the Baghdad airport in a week. Last Sunday, the airport was hit with 3 rockets, 1 of which exploded in a parking lot. 4 cars were damaged back then.

3 Lebanon

The »Al-Watania» news agency quoted a Lebanese army command’s communiqué — it stated that the Israeli Air Force fighters entered the Lebanese airspace. «The Israeli airplanes violated the air borders of the country 13 times over the past day — Lebanon informed the command of the UN Interim Force about those violations» — the message stated. It was noted that the airplanes entered the sky over the settlements of Alma al-Shaab and Rmeish, in the south. They flew to the cities of Byblos and Shekka, which are located on the Mediterranean coast on the north.

4 India — China

After a meeting between the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi with the Indian Foreign Minister Subramaniyam Jaishankar in Moscow, it was announced that India and China agreed to avoid the escalation of the tension on the border, and follow the agreements on the border issue. And also — «ensure peace and quiet in the border areas, and avoid any actions that could escalate the situation». On Friday, the website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that «the heads of the foreign ministries of China and India believe that the current situation in the border areas does not meet the interests of both sides. The parties should continue the dialogue and help to defuse the situation». It was underlined that the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Yi, stated during a meeting with his Indian counterpart that China calls on India to stop any provocations on the border, to withdraw troops as soon as possible, and to resolve the border issue.

5 Russia

The press service of the Russian Northern Fleet reported that a multi-purpose nuclear submarine performed an anti-submarine missile training exercise in the Barents Sea. «One of the multi-purpose nuclear submarines from the Northern Fleet performed a training firing with an anti-submarine missile at an underwater target during the training anti-submarine sortie at the Northern Fleet’s combat training area in the Barents Sea» — the press service explained. The firing was carried out with training ammunition. «A multi-purpose nuclear submarine from an another submarine unit of the Northern Fleet, which also indicated the use of the submarine missile weapons, performed the role of the enemy» — the press service added. Earlier the nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet practiced torpedo firing at an underwater target in a training duel in the Barents Sea.

6 The EU

The commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Sergei Surovikin, stated that on 28th of August, during the »Allied Sky» exercises, the American B-52H strategic bombers practiced cruise missile strikes against Russia from Estonia and Canada. «At the same time, 2 B-52H bombers, operating from the continental USA, practiced similar combat training missions in the Arctic area, over Canada» — Sergei Surovikin added and specified that during the »Allied Sky» exercises — 4 B-52H bombers flew over the territories of 28 European NATO countries. The American bombers were escorted by about 40 tactical aircraft of the national air forces of 12 NATO countries. Sergei Surovikin called the B-52N drills near the Russian border to be «hostile and provocative». Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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