Missile strike on Iraq


1 Iraq

The airport in the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan, the city of Erbil, where an American military base is located, came under missile fire. The spokesman for the US-led international anti-terrorist coalition, Colonel Wayne Marotto, stated on Twitter that 1 person was killed in the missile attack. 6 were injured. The ’Al Arabiya’ TV reported that at least 3 missiles were fired. The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, announced that the USA are investigating the circumstances of the missile attack on the American base, and they will bring the responsible to justice. He added that Washington is outraged by the missile attack.

2 Syria

The Deputy Head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, Rear-Admiral Vyacheslav Sytnik, announced that the Syrian authorities, together with the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties, opened 3 more checkpoints across the borders of the Idlib DMZ. The checkpoints will be opened due to an increase in the complaints from the local residents. Vyacheslav Sytnik explained that the residents of settlements in the Idlib DMZ complain about the lack of qualified medical care, and the dire socio-economic situation that took place due to the US sanctions. Checkpoints will be opened near the settlements of Sarakib, Miznas, and Abu Azeidin.

3 Turkey — the USA — Iraq

The ’TASS’ news agency reported that the US Ambassador to Ankara, David Satterfield, was called to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, on Monday, to hear the Ankara’s «tough position». On Monday, the US State Department released a communiqué of condolences over the deaths of 13 Turkish citizens in Iraq. The Turkish Ministry of National Defense claimed that these people were killed by the members of the Kurdistan Workers Party. In a statement from the US State Department, Washington condemned those actions if it is confirmed that the Turkish citizens have died by the hands of the Kurdistan Workers Party. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Washington of supporting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization. On Sunday, the Turkish military conducted an operation in north of Iraq against the Kurdistan Workers Party. As a result — 48 fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party, and 3 Turkish soldiers were killed during the operation.

4 Syria — Israel

The Syrian Foreign Ministry stated to the UN Security Council that Syria condemns the Israeli air force attack on the outskirts of Damascus, during which missile strikes were carried out on ground targets — the ’SANA’ news agency reported. «Syria warns Israel about the dangerous consequences of the ongoing aggressive actions that threaten the regional stability» — the document stated. It was underlined that the Israeli attacks violate the UN Security Council Resolution ’350’ of the year 1974, and the agreement on the withdrawal of the Syrian and Israeli troops from the Golan Heights. The Syrian Foreign Ministry called on the UN Security Council «to realize its responsibility for the maintenance of peace in the Middle East, and to take decisive actions that would stop the Israeli attacks». Earlier, the newspaper ’Al-Watan’ reported while citing a source in the command of the Syrian troops, that the air strikes were carried out «on 3 military depots, to the south of Damascus». The Israeli Air Force fired missiles from airspace over the occupied Golan Heights, and from the Northern Galilee. The ’Al Arabiya’ TV reported that the attack killed 9 fighters of the pro-Iranian armed groups that fight on the side of the Syrian army.

5 China — Japan

The ’NHK’ reported that the Chinese naval police patrol ships entered the area near the Senkaku Islands for the 2nd day in a row. Tokyo considers the area to be Japanese territorial waters. Two ships were spotted there since yesterday. Another 2 approached the island area early in the morning. It was noted that one of the ships is armed with a naval cannon. Japanese fishing vessels were fishing in this area in the morning. The ’NHK’ reported that the Chinese patrol ships were trying to approach them. The Japanese Coast Guard sent their boats to Senkaku, the crew of which used loudspeakers to demand the Chinese patrol ships to leave the area. Katsunobu Kato, the secretary general of the Japanese cabinet, stated during a press conference in Tokyo that Japan considered such actions of the Chinese ships unacceptable. Japan considers it to be a violation of the international navigation rules. Katsunobu Kato added that Tokyo announced a protest against China, and strongly demanded to end such actions.

6 Russia — Africa

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed his hope that in 2021 he will be able to discuss with the foreign ministers of the 3 leading African states the ’Russia-Africa’ summit. He noted that in 2020, Russia had to hold such consultations with the participation of the foreign ministers of South Africa, Egypt and the Democratic Republic of Congo via a videoconference. Sergei Lavrov underlined that the preparations for the summit in 2022 are already underway, and the summit’s agenda will be comprehensive. Sergei Lavrov announced that a political dialogue and a dialogue on the key issues will take place. The ’Russia-Africa’ summit will discuss the fight against terrorism, economical and investment topics. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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