Nagorno-Karabakh. Combat action


The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that the fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone continues at the entire frontline. It was reported that the fighting continued on 22nd and 23rd of October in the Agder, Fizuli-Hadrut-Jabrayil, and Gubadli sectors. The positions of the Azerbaijani army were shelled from small arms, mortars and cannons of the Armenian troops. «As a result of the operations, carried out by the Azerbaijani army, serious blows were inflicted on the Armenian troops in the Fizuli, Jebrail, and Gubadli sectors. Several enemy strongholds were destroyed, important territories and heights were captured» — the message on the website of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry stated

The authorities of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic reported that the Azerbaijani troops shelled the villages in the Martuni region with rockets from the MLRS ‘Smerch’. It was reported that on the night of 23rd of October, as a result of a rocket attack on the city of Martakert, 2 residential buildings caugh fire. The rescuers managed to quickly extinguish the fire. «According to the preliminary data — the enemy fired at the area from the MLRS ‘Grad’. There were no casualties» — the message stated. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry denied the reports of the shelling of settlements in Karabakh by Azerbaijani troops. «The Azerbaijani troops do not fire at civilians, while the Armenian troops have been actively shelling the settlements of the Terter, Agdam and Agjabad regions of Azerbaijan over the past day. The Azerbaijani troops observe the humanitarian ceasefire, and retain their operational advantage on the entire frontline» — the press service of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense reported.

The Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated during an interview to the newspaper ‘Iran’ that the countries of the region should take the presence of the terrorists in Nagorno-Karabakh seriously. “It has been confirmed at the international level that the mercenaries from Syria are indeed being deployed in the region, via Turkey, in order to participate in hostilities. It poses a significant threat to the region. Unfortunately the countries of the region haven’t responded to this reality. There is no doubt that the presence of the foreign terrorists will represent a threat to the region in the future. The countries of the region should take this issue more seriously» — the Armenian embassy in Iran quoted Pashinyan’s words. Earlier, Armenia stated that the Turkish servicemen are taking part in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on the side of Azerbaijan. Turkey is also sending mercenaries from the pro-Turkish Syrian groups to the conflict zone

Sergei Shilow, a military reporter of ANNA NEWS reported from Syria that Turkey has begun the elimination of the observation post number 9, located near the town of Morek. All the heavy equipment was pulled out from the base, but the Turkish servicemen will remain in place. The base is planned to be dismantled. The Russian military police ensure the withdrawal of the Turkish military. All vehicles are being processed due to the ‘covid-19’. It was noted that Turkey is transferring their forces to an another base, which is located in a strategically important area within the Jebel al-Zawiya mountain range. The reason why the Turkish troops are leaving the observation post in the Idlib DMZ wasn’t reporte

The ‘Al Hadath’ TV reported that on Thursday, the US-led Western Coalition Air Force attacked the HQ of the ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ extremist group in the western Syrian province of Idlib. The air strikes were carried out by UAVs. The air strikes reportedly killed at least 6 terrorist field commanders. There are wounded among the terrorists as well, but their number wasn’t reported. The HQ was located in the village of Jakara, bordering Turkey, near the town of Silkin.

The TOLOnews TV reported that 12 people were killed during an airstrike in the Baharak region of the Tahar province. The air strike hit a district with a religious school. According to the TV channel — the airstrike killed 12 people, mostly teenagers. Another 14 locals were injured. The airstrike was reportedly carried out by a mistake. The security officials didn’t specify if the airstrike was delivered by the Afghan Air Force, or by the international coalition aircraft. The air attack in Tahar was launched less than a day after some violent clashes took place in Baharak between the government forces and the Taliban terrorists. According to the latest data — about 50 Afghan soldiers were killed as a result of those battles. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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