Nationalists hit on civilians


1 Republic of Donbass

The Ukrainian Nationalists have once again attacked the civilians of Donbass. 1 man died, 1 was wounded during a shelling of the town of Gorlovka. An attack on the town of Kremenaya killed 1 person, and wounded 8 — the LPR reported. The Ukrainian radicals fired more than 20 rockets from an MLRS ’’Grad’’ on the city of Donetsk. A man was wounded in the town of Makeevka during a shelling. The Ukrainian forces attacked the residential areas of the villages of Yasinovataya and Panteleymonovka. Over the past day, the DPR was attacked more than 50 times. The DPR Representatives reported that 2 local mines were cut off the grid. Civilians of the town of Svetlodarsk were under fire. The reporter Evgeny Lisitsyn will tell more.

2 Russia

Dmitry Peskov stated that Moscow doesn’t believe Vladimir Zelensky, who recently stated that Kiev won’t attack the Russian territory if Ukraine receives American MLRS with an increased range. “In order to trust, one must have an experience of cases where the promises were kept. Unfortunately, there is no such experience at all” — Dmitry Peskov explained. On 31st of May, during an enterview to the ’’Newsmax’’, Vladimir Zelenski commented on the information that Ukraine, after receiving the extended-range American MLRS, could use them to strike the Russian territory. He stated that Kiev isn’t going to launch attacks on the territory of Russia.

3 Turkey

«The Turkish forces will launch a new anti-terrorist operation in Syria» — Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated in his speech. The result of the operation should be the appearance of a 30-kilometer «security zone» on the border between Turkey and Syria. «We will clear the border areas of Syria from terrorists» — Erdogan stated.

4 The DPR

The DPR forces captured a section of the Donetsk-Avdeevka-Konstantinovka highway, thus cutting off the Avdeevka’s garrison of the Ukrainian forces from one of the supply lines — the DPR’s People’s Militia’s press office reported on 1st of June. The deputy head of the People’s Militia of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, stated that the DPR forces destroyed 2 Ukrainian firing points near the village of Novosyolovka Vtoraya, located near Avdeevka. Avdeevka is a town with a population of about 30,000 people. It is located north of Donetsk. Avdeevka has the largest coke factory in Europe. During the conflict in Donbass, this town, controlled by the Ukrainian forces, was fortified into one of the main Ukrainian fortified areas. The Ukrainian forces are firing at Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Makeevka and the areas nearby, including the key transport routes, from the town of Avdeevka.

5 Ukraine

The servicemen of the 18th Battalion of the 35th Ukrainian Marine Brigade demand to not be sent under fire of the Russian artillery. According to them — their unit lost 80 servicemen in just 4 days. The Ukrainian Marines published such video message on Telegram. They stated that during the last 4 days they couldn’t take a single settlement. The Ukrainian Marines claim that they don’t refuse to defend Ukraine per se, but they don’t want to serve under the leadership of people who don’t value their lives. Earlier, ’The Washington Post’ reported about the complaints from the Ukrainian territorial defense servicemen about the lack of training and weapons. The Ukrainian mass media reported about several riots due to the sending of unprepared servicemen to the front line. The Ukrainian 101st and 115th brigades made such videos.

6 Donbass

The DPR, the LPR, and the Kherson region may become a part of Russia in July. The head of the international committee of the Russian Parliament, and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Leonid Slutsky, spoke about the possibility of holding a referendum about their joining to Russia. In his opinion, the referendums on those territories should be held at about the same time. Russia has enough resources to accept the new regions into its composition. Earlier, the joining of the LPR, the DPR, the Zaporozhye and the Kherson regions in Russia was predicted by a senator from the Crimea, Sergey Tsekov. In his opinion, such referendums can be held before the end of 2022. The deputy head of the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, recently announced that a referendum on joining Russia will be held in the Kherson region. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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