Negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh


1 Nagorno-Karabakh

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Russian doctors from the special medical unit made multi-functional medical teams to provide an aid to the locals of the Askeran region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The medical teams have doctors of various specialties, as well as specialists from the psychological service who provide an aid in the remote villages. On Sunday, the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry announced that additional forces of the Russian Emergencies Ministry had arrived in the city of Stepanakert. On Monday they began their humanitarian mission.

2 Russia — Armenia

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated after the talks with the Armenian Foreign Minister, Ara Ayvazyan, that Moscow is interested in a quick solution of the humanitarian issues on Nagorno-Karabakh. A number of joint steps with Yerevan have been planned. “We are satisfied that the truce has been actually observed for almost a month. The process of returning of the refugees is underway. There is a progress in the exchange of bodies of the dead, PoWs, and in the search of the missing persons. As we noted today — we want those humanitarian issues to be resolved as soon as possible. We have planned a number of steps in this direction» — Lavrov announced and added that Moscow proposes to involve other states in the work of the humanitarian response center for Nagorno-Karabakh, including Armenia and Azerbaijan. «We also talked about the issues related to the creation of a humanitarian response center. It was President Putin’s idea. We proposed to make the center international, with the participation of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Practical issues of the initiative are being discussed at the moment. Many Russian ministries and departments will participate in the implementations» — the minister concluded.

3 Russia — Armenia

The press service of the Armenian Foreign Ministry reported that during a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, the Armenian Foreign Minister, Ara Ayvazyan, underlined that «the issues of searching of the missing servicemen, and exchange of prisoners and bodies of the dead are very important. The issues require a speedy resolution» — Ayvazyan stated and added that Armenia expects to continue the discussions that were started in Yerevan, during the November visit of the Russian interdepartmental delegation. «We are ready to pay due attention to such issues as the functioning of the Russian peacekeepers, the creation of the conditions for the return of refugees, the further steps to provide the humanitarian aid to the population, logistics issues, and the restoration of the infrastructure» — the Armenian Foreign Minister concluded.

4 Afghanistan

The ’Xinhua’ News Agency reported while citing a spokesman for the Afghan province of Kunduz that on Monday night, the Taliban attacked a checkpoint in the Kunduz province, in north of Afghanistan. The attack killed at least 5 Afghan servicemen. 4 servicemen were injured. No other details were reported. On Sunday, the Afghan channel ’1TV’ reported that the US Air Force launched air-strikes in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. More than 20 terrorists of the Al-Qaeda and Taliban were reportedly killed in the air-attacks. The US military confirmed that they had conducted an air-raid and attacked the extremist positions in Nad Ali district, in Helmand.

5 Afghanistan

The ’1TV’ reported that a car bomb exploded in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar. The 1TV quoted the local authorities. The blast, reportedly, injured at least 33 people — 11 police officers and 22 civilians. The explosion took place near the Daman County General Police Department. The ’TOLOnews’ reported that the local police chief was injured as well. None of the regional extremist groups have claimed the responsibility for the explosion.

6 Syria

The SANA NEWS reported that a US military convoy with logistic equipment was sent to Syria from Iraq. The US convoy entered the Syrian province of Hasakah via the illegal ’Al-valeed’ border crossing point. The convoy reportedly consisted of 43 vehicles, including trucks, refrigerators, and covered military vehicles. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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