Pakistan violated the ceasefire


At least 1 Indian soldier died, 3 more were wounded as a result of a violation of the ceasefire by the Pakistani troops — namely their shelling of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India, TASS reports with a reference to the Hindustan Times. According to the Hindustan Times — on Monday, the Pakistani army shelled the sector of Sunderbani, in Rajauri district, with small arms and mortars. The Indian army returned fire. The shoot-out lasted for about two hours. The Pakistani military also shelled the Indian territory during the Sunday.

A bill against the «Russian influence» in Venezuela was proposed to the US Congress. The document was published on the US Congress website. “The increased Russian presence in the Western Hemisphere is a matter of concern for the United States and our allies in the region” — the bill says. It proposes sanctions against the Russians, and some citizens of other countries, that support the current president of Venezuela — Nicolas Maduro. A ban on their entry into the United States was proposed among other things. The text mentions the joint exercises of Russia and Venezuela in December of 2018, with the use of TU-160 bombers. It was also noted that Moscow provides loans to the Venezuelan state-owned oil and gas company PDVSA.

Contrary to the yesterday’s statements made by the leaders of the Kurdish self-defense forces regarding the completion of the operation of cleaning up the last hot spots of the ISIS resistance in El Baguz in eastern Syria — the representatives of the international coalition announced that the military operation in the village still continues. The press service of the operation »Unshakable Determination» HQ, which is being conducted in Iraq and Syria by a group of countries, led by the United States, told to the TASS. “The operation, aimed at the final liberation of El-Baguz, is still going on. This is still a tough battle. ISIS is showing an intention to continue fighting as long as possible” — the representative of the international coalition explained.

The US strategic bombers B-52H Stratofortress, capable of carrying long-range nuclear cruise missiles, were transferred to the UK during last week. On Monday, they made flights near the northern, southern and western borders of the European part of Russia at the same time, and also — in the Far East region — Interfax reports. In the North, the bombers flew near Russian territories in the Barents Sea — near the Murmansk region. They also flew near the Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions in the Baltic Sea region, and near the Russian sea borders on the Black Sea. During the last week, the US Air Forces transferred 6 strategic bombers B-52H to the UK. According to the observers, the American bombers performed training strikes against targets on the Russian territory in the Baltic.

The head of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Viktor Kupchishin, announced that as a result of a terrorist sniper attack on a school bus in the north-west of the Syrian city of Aleppo — two children were killed. According to him, the sniper fire came from the territory of the Leramunt district, which is under control of the terrorist groups. Additionally, during the daytime, the terrorists fired at several settlements in the idlib DMZ. Viktor Kupchishin accused the USA in the obstruction of the evacuation of the «Syrian citizens that are still being forcibly detained in the Rukban camp, and are being subjected to arbitrariness by the US-controlled radical armed groups».

As a result of the explosion in the city of Kabul during the celebration of Navruz — the holiday of spring and the new year — 6 people were killed, 23 were injured — TASS reports with a reference to the Reuters. According to the Xinhua News Agency — a bomb exploded on a suicide bomber. The Tolo News TV channel, while citing the reports from the eyewitnesses, announced that the city of Kabul was hit with a rocket attack. «Eyewitnesses of the explosion said that this was due to a rocket attack» — the Tolo News reported on Twitter. It was reported that 3 rockets were fired at the area.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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