Protests against the US sanctions


The »SANA» reported that on Wednesday, the residents of the southern provinces of Syria held protests against the US sanctions, which are being used to pressure Damascus. A mass protest took place on the ‘Sultan Atrash’ square, in the city of As-Suwayda, in the province of As-Suwayda, and also in the nearby province of Al-Quneitra. The protesters expressed their support for the Syrian government, and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On 8th of June the »SANA» blamed the USA for the escalation of the economic and financial crisis in Syria. According to the »SANA» — the US special envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, during his meeting with the opposition on 7th of June, admitted that the collapse of the Syrian currency, and the increase of the commodity prices, are the result of the American pressure on Damascus. «The USA are depriving Syrians of food by their inhumane sanctions» — the SANA concluded. On 3rd of June, the Syrian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the new package of sanctions against Damascus, which will enter into force on 17th of June. It was stated that the document «is based on the false evidence, fabricated by the parties hostile to the Syrian people».

The »SANA» news agency reported that the recently arrived US convoy entered the territory of the northern province of Hasakah. A convoy of 40 military trucks, escorted by military SUVs, crossed the Al-Valeed crossing point and headed to the US base, located near the ‘Kharab Al-Jir’ airfield. The »SANA» underlined that the USA continue to fortify their illegal military bases in the Syrian region of Al Jazeera.

The spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Major-General Ahmed Al-Mismari, stated during a press conference in Benghazi that the LNA is changing the strategy — they will start to actively use aviation. He also spoke about the crimes committed by the troops of the Government of National Accord in the city of Tarhun, which was taken by the GNA on 5th of June. «They committed robbery, seizure of property, they humiliated the dignity of the citizens» — al-Mismari said. According to him — over 20,000 people left the city. Al-Mismari called on the NATO countries to «respond to the Turkish attacks». The »Al-Hadath» TV reported while citing a statement from the LNA command that the LNA air defense forces shot down a Turkish UAV to the west of the strategically important city of Sirt. The drone tried to attack the LNA positions. The »Al-Hadath» TV reported that the supporters of Haftar are sending “significant reinforcements” to Sirt.

The foreign ministers of Italy, Germany, France, and the head of the EU foreign service, Josep Borrell, called on the parties of the Libyan conflict, including the international players, to stop their military operations, and to participate in the «5+5» negotiations, as a joint military committee. «The efforts of the «5+5″ format should encourage all the parties to agree on a ceasefire, pull out all the foreign forces and mercenaries, as well as all the military equipment, delivered in violation of the UN embargo, from all parts of Libya» — the statement explained. «All parties must make a constructive contribution to the internal Libyan negotiations under the UN flag in order to pave the way for a complete political agreement in accordance with the parameters, agreed upon in Berlin» — the statement concluded.

The »TOLO news» TV reports, while referring to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan: an IED detonated in the ‘Sher Shah Suri’ mosque, in western Kabul. The explosion killed 4 people, including the imam. The ‘Reuters’ reported about a large number of victims.

The «Yomiuri» newspaper reported, while citing their sources in the Japanese Foreign Ministry, that the foreign ministers of the G7 countries are developing a joint statement in which they expect Beijing to reconsider their decision to prepare a national security bill for Hong Kong. The document should urge the Chinese leadership to respect the principle of «one country — two systems», currently applied to that special administrative region of China. Japan was the initiator of the joint statement. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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