Protests in Belarus


1 Belarus

The demonstrations that began after the presidential elections in Belarus continue. The ‘TASS’ news agency reported that after 7 hours of confrontation with the protesters — the police managed to force them out of the streets of Minsk. The police used tear gas to disperse the protesters near the ‘Pushkinskaya’ metro station. Explosions of stun grenades were heard in the center of Minsk. The press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, Olga Chemodanova, reported that one protester in Minsk was killed during the clashes with the special forces. «During the confrontation with the special forces who arrived to unblock the square — one of the protesters tried to throw an IED at the police. The IED exploded in his hand — the man was fatally wounded» — she explained on her ‘Telegram’ channel. She underlined that some people were detained — their number wasn’t reported. Earlier, the Investigative Committee of Belarus opened 21 criminal cases due to the riots in Minsk and other cities of the country. The investigation is being conducted under the following articles of the Criminal Code: «Rioting», «Resistance to an employee of the internal affairs bodies, with the use of violence», «Violence or a threat of using violence against an employee of the internal affairs bodies», «Hooliganism», «Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate the public order, or an active participation in such actions». Some of those articles provide up to 15 years in prison — the Investigative Committee of Belarus noted.

2 Belarus

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus stated that over 2,000 people were detained over the past day. It was reported that on the night of 11th of August, the demonstrations took place in a number of cities. The most massive demonstrations were in Minsk, Brest, Mogilev and Novopolotsk. «As a result of the unlawful actions, 21 employees of the internal affairs bodies and servicemen of the internal troops were injured. 5 of them were hospitalized» — the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported. The Ministry added that the exact information on the number of people who applied to medical institutions, and the number of hospitalized persons will be announced by the Ministry of Health.

3 Lebanon

Protests have resumed in the center of Beirut. The ‘Sky News Arabia’ TV reported about clashes between the police officers and the protesters. The protesters gathered outside the parliament and, reportedly, pelted police with stones. The police responded with tear gas. The Lebanese authorities have deployed significant army and police forces to the center of the capital to restore the peace on the streets. According to the Lebanese Red Cross, at least 45 people were injured as a result of the clashes between police and demonstrators. 7 of them were sent to the hospital. The protesters tried to reach the ‘Place Etoile’ in order to seize the parliamentary palace. After the announcement of the resignation of the cabinet of ministers, led by the Prime Minister Hassan Diab — the opposition leaders began to demand the dissolution of the legislative body, and an early general election. And also — an international investigation of the explosion in the seaport of Beirut.

4 Pakistan — India

The ‘Times of India’ reported that on Monday night the Pakistani troops fired from small arms and mortars at a number of areas in the Punch sector, on the control line, thus violating the ceasefire in Kashmir. India returned fire. On 9th of August the Pakistani military have also fired at the Punch sector. The Police Director-General of the allied territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Dilbag Singh, stated that the shelling by the Pakistani troops allowed the terrorist groups to be transported to India from the camps in the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir. According to India — the camps have about 300 extremists, preparing to infiltrate India.

5 Syria

A combined group of Syrian sappers and Russian military engineers are conducting a mine clearance in the south-east of the Syrian province of Hama. They are also engaged in the search and destruction of caves, used by the terrorists as field HQs, hospitals, and strongholds. The representative office of the Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria reported that in the province of Hama, the combined group checked more than 120 km of the roads. They also found and destroyed 11 land mines, and also cleared 29 minefields set by the terrorists. The military searched for mines in 15 settlements and camps of the nomadic population who live in Hama. Sappers destroyed 13 IED. More than 30 caves, used by the terrorists as shelters, were destroyed.

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