Protests in Minneapolis


1 the USA

The Fox News reported that the New York City police detained more than 40 people that participated in a protest on Thursday. The protest took place due to the death of an African American man George Floyd, who was detained by the police in Minneapolis. It was reported that the protests escalated into clashes with the police in some cases. 4 police officers were injured — they were taken to the city hospitals. The Fox News specified that one of the detainees had a knife. The CNN reported that the police detained their filming crew. The crew was detained while covering the protests in Minneapolis. The CNN posted the video on their website. The reasons for the detention have not yet been specified.

2 Libya

The ‘TASS’ news agency reports while citing a Libyan military source that the Libyan national army, led by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, took the full control over one of the strategic areas in the suburbs of Tripoli by pushing out the troops of the Government of National Accord. According to the source, after the clashes with the GNA forces, the LNA forces occupied the village of Al-Khira, located 50 km south-west from the capital. «Currently the army units are searching the area for the hostile militia and mercenaries» — the TASS quoted the Libyan source that added that the LNA managed to cut off the important route that connects Tripoli with a strategically important city of Garyan, captured by the GNA in June of the last year. Violent clashes were reported in other areas around Tripoli as well. According to the source — during those clashes, the GNA forces suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment. A lot of mercenaries from Syria, fighting on the side of the GNA, were taken prisoner.

3 Syria

The »Al-Mayadin» TV reported a shoot-out between the Kurdish fighters from the »Syrian Democratic Forces», allied to the Turkish forces, and the Syrian armed opposition groups. The shoot-out took place in the border region of Abu Rasayn, in the north of Hasakah. The »Al-Mayadin» TV reported that fighters of the SDF opened fire on their enemies in 8 villages. Earlier the Kurds accused the Syrian opposition fighters of intentionally setting fire to the fields of wheat and barley, which could deprive the locals of their crops. Ankara and the Syrian opposition that fights under the Turkish flag accused the population of the north of Hasakah province of supporting the Kurdish fighters.

4 Syria

The Syrian state-run news agency ‘SANA’ reports, while citing the local sources, that the USA sent additional military equipment to the north-east of the province of Hasakah. The military equipment will be used to fortify the existing American bases in that area. The SANA reported that a convoy of armored vehicles with various equipment, including communication equipment, arrived from Iraq via the Al-Valid checkpoint. According to the sources of SANA — 6 American armored vehicles left the Iraqi village of Al-Mahmoudiya, which is located to the south from the Al-Valid checkpoint. They crossed the Syrian-Iraqi border, and headed to one of the Syrian oil fields, controlled by the USA.

5 Afghanistan

The ‘Tolo News’ TV reports, while citing a statement of a representative of the governor of Parwan, Wahida Shahkar, that the Taliban attacked a checkpoint in the province of Parwan, in north-east of Afghanistan. As a result of the attack at least 7 servicemen were killed, 1 was wounded. A source in the security service said that at least 10 servicemen were killed as the result of the attack on the checkpoint.

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