Protests in Myanmar and Spain


The ’Al Arabiya’ TV reported while citing a statement from the Saudi-led Arabian coalition that the Arabian coalition’s air defenses intercepted and destroyed a UAV with a bomb, launched by the Yemeni rebels. It was reported that the UAV was launched towards the city of Khamis-Mushayt. The coalition officials called the launch of the drone a «war crime». The coalition added that they are taking «actions to protect the population and the civilian infrastructure in accordance with the international law».

The airport in the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan, the city of Erbil, where an American military base is located, came under missile fire. The spokesman for the US-led international anti-terrorist coalition, Colonel Wayne Marotto, stated on Twitter that 1 person was killed in the missile attack. 6 were injured. The ’Al Arabiya’ TV reported that at least 3 missiles were fired. The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, announced that the USA are investigating the circumstances of the missile attack on the American base, and they will bring the responsible to justice. He added that Washington is outraged by the missile attack.

In the city of Mandalay, 2 people were killed and 6 were injured during the dispersal of a protest against the seizure of power by the military in Myanmar — the ’Myanmar Now’ news website reported. The police and military servicemen reportedly used live and rubber ammo to disperse a peaceful protest. 10 protesters were arrested. Water cannons were reportedly used against the protesters as well.

During the protest against the detention of rapper Pablo Asel, who was convicted of glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown, the Barcelona city guard used force against the protesters. The Catalan police reported on Twitter that the rally in the center of Barcelona escalated into riots. The rioters began erecting barricades, looting shops, and throwing items at the police. It was reported that some rioters were arrested. The rallies have been held in the Spanish cities since 16th of February, and the protests escalate into riots. The police used force against the rioters. As a result, dozens of people were arrested, dozens were injured as well.
On Thursday, the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated on a press conference in Brussels that the NATO defense ministers didn’t make a decision to pull the NATO troops from Afghanistan by 1st of May. The withdrawal of troops is required by the agreement, concluded in 2020 between the USA and the Taliban. Jens Stoltenberg noted that consultations will continue in the near future. He added that if the troops remain after 1st of May — they could be attacked again, which will keep the NATO involved in conflict. However, if troops do leave the country — there is a risk that Afghanistan could once again become a safe haven for the international terrorism. The Pentagon press service stated that the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, stated during a video conference of the heads of the military departments of NATO countries that Washington won’t swiftly pull their troops from Afghanistan. It was noted that the USA are reviewing the terms of the agreement with the Taliban in order to determine if the parties are complying with the agreement.

Russia, Turkey, and Iran jointly announced after the 15th international meeting on Syria in the Astana format that they agreed to continue their cooperation in order to finally destroy the terrorist groups ’’ISIS’’ and ’’Jabhat al-Nusra’’ in Syria. The parties noted and condemned the increase in the terrorist activity in some parts of Syria, which leads to casualties among the civilians. The parties underlined the need for the full implementation of all agreements on the Syrian province of Idlib. Russia, Turkey, and Iran confirmed their commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity of Syria. And also — the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. The parties added that these principles are subject to universal observance and respect. The parties condemned the on-going Israeli military attacks on Syria, which violate the international law and the international humanitarian law, undermine the sovereignty of Syria and the nearby countries, and threaten the stability and security of the region. The parties called for an end to the attacks. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ’ANNA NEWS’.

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