Repeated cyber attack in Venezuela || Breaking News, 26th of March, 2019


On Monday evening, the Israeli Air Forces attacked the office of the Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, in the Gaza Strip — Interfax reports. In response, Palestine launched rockets at the southern Israel. «The IDF fighters attacked the office of the Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, located in the Rimal district in the north of the Gaza Strip» — the IDF announced. Later, according to «The Times of Israel» — as a result of the attack on the building, in which the secret HQ of the Hamas intelligence was allegedly located — the building was destroyed. Al Aqsa TV channel, owned by HAMAS, later reported that the Egyptian intermediaries managed to reach an agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip starting from 22:00 of Monday, local time. Earlier, on the night from Sunday to Monday, a rocket from the Gaza Strip hit a private house in the Israeli city of Kfar Sava. As a result — several people were wounded.

A new large-scale power outage occurred on Monday in several areas of Venezuela, including Caracas — the Latin American mass media reported. It was noted that several districts of Caracas had no electricity. The subway and at least one hospital couldn’t function properly. According to the Minister of Information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, the power outage happened because of a cyber attack on ‘Guri’, the largest hydropower plant in Venezuela. In early March, a massive power outage also took place in Venezuela. As a result — most of the country was left without electricity. Back then Caracas stated that the Guri hydropower plant was subjected to a cyber attack from the United States.

3 the United States The USA tested their missile defense systems by launching two anti-ballistic missiles, designed to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles — the sources of Bloomberg in the Pentagon said. According to a journalist of Bloomberg, Anthony Capaccio — “the tests of two ground-based anti-ballistic missiles, conducted by the United States Missile Defense Agency, were successful” — TASS reports. This is the first successful test of a missile defense system in the continental United States since the May of 2017. The last time the US missile defense system made a successful interception was in June of 2017, after two failed attempts made in 2010.

The Japanese Minister of Defense Takeshi Iwaya announced that, starting from Tuesday, two military bases with anti-ship and anti-air systems start their functions on two remote islands in the East China Sea. Takeshi Iwaya reported that the permanent garrisons of 550 and 400 troops were deployed on the islands of Amamioshima and Miyako — TASS reports. According to the minister — the creation of such garrisons on remote islands in the East China Sea will continue. According to Takeshi Iwaya — it is planned to create a permanent base of ground forces on the island of Ishigaki, south-west of Okinawa. “That area has the front line of defense of our country. We have to fill the military vacuum that exists in there” — the NHK channel quotes Takeshi Iwaya.

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