Retreat of the LBA’s troops from Tripoli


1 Syria
The Russian Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, stated during a video-conference of the UN Security Council that the humanitarian aid to Syria should be coordinated with Damascus, and there is no need to re-open the cross-border aid points. «The UN Humanitarian Affairs Office should be encouraged to work with Damascus in order to find the ways to deliver the aid via the open cross-border points, with the Syrian help» — said Vasily Nebenzya. He reminded that the cross-border mechanism, which involved the delivery of the aid to the regions outside of Damascus, was initially a temporary solution. “Do stop being guided by your own geopolitical gains that have nothing to do with the humanitarian principles” — the Russian Permanent Representative concluded.

2 Syria
The Syrian news agency ‘SANA’ reported that the clashes between the groups of the pro-Turkish militants have resumed in the north of Aleppo, in the city of Afrin. As a result — a civilian died, 2 children were injured. The ‘SANA’ noted that recently, due to the clashes of the militants in the provinces of Hasakah, Rakka and Aleppo, a significant number of civilians were killed and wounded.

3 Libya
The ‘Reuters’ reports while citing an official representative of the Libyan National Army, Major-General Ahmed al-Mismari. The Libyan National Army, under the command of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, will pull back their troops from Tripoli for 2 or 3 km in order to allow the residents of Tripoli to move freely and celebrate the Muslim holiday ‘Eid al-Fitr’. The retreat of the troops will begin on Wednesday, at noon. Earlier on Monday, forces of the Libyan Government of National Accord, led by Faiz Sarraj, announced a full control over the Al-Vatiya airbase, which, until recently, had troops of the Libyan National Army led by the Field Marshal Haftar. The TASS news agency reports, while citing a source in the Libyan National Army, that the retreat of the Libyan National Army from the al-Vatiya airbase was a «tactical move». The source added that a fierce battle took place on the territory of the Al-Vatiya airbase.

4 Russia — Libya
“Moscow supports any initiative to stop the bloodshed in Libya” — a source of the RIA NEWS in the Russian Foreign Ministry stated. «We are constantly calling for a cessation of the hostilities and a humanitarian pause due to the Ramadan. The same initiatives also come from Haftar. We, of course, will support any initiative that aims to stop the bloodshed and return to the negotiations” — the source explained while commenting on the Libyan National Army’s decision to pull back their troops from Tripoli due to the ‘Eid al-Fitr’ holiday. «We urge all who partake in the hostilities to cease their military activity, and put the situation in the way of a political process» — the source concluded while reminding that Moscow expects the parties to cease their hostilities in Libya, at least during the Ramadan’s holiday.

5 Palestine
The News Agency ‘WAFA’ reported that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has announced the termination of all agreements with Israel and the USA. “The Palestine Liberation Organization and the State of Palestine are exempted today from all the agreements with the governments of the USA and Israel. As well as from the obligations, based on those agreements, including the security affairs” — the Palestinian President announced. He added that Israel should be held accountable for the attempts to annex the occupied Palestinian territories. Mahmoud Abbas also accused the USA of helping Israel.

6 Afghanistan.
The ‘1TV’ reported that as a result of an attack by the Taliban terrorists in north-eastern Afghanistan — 9 people were killed and 6 were injured. According to the ‘1TV’ — the attack was carried out at 2 checkpoints in the province of Tahar. The state of the victims wasn’t reported. The ‘Tolo News’ reported that the Taliban also suffered losses. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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