Riots on a carnival in Venezuela


The French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with an initiative to reform the EU law and political institutions. In particular, he proposed to make a European Security Council. The UK should be in that Council, according to his opinion. The Security Council will “prepare collective decisions of the EU in the defense matters”. The French president believes that the Council’s activities should be based on the “defense and security treaty” which defines the responsibilities of EU countries, based on their relations with the NATO — TASS reports with a reference to the Agence France-Presse. According to Macron — the commitments will be based on the increased military budget. The treaty will also include mutual assistance in defense in case of an invasion.

2 the United States — Russia

If the American missiles will be deployed in Europe — Russia will have to redeploy missiles as well, so they can reach all of Europe — the Russian ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, announced. He noted that Moscow is very concerned that after the US leave the INF treaty, the American missiles could be deployed in Europe — RIA NEWS reports. The INF treaty, the diplomat explained, doesn’t even concern the security of the US territory. The losers in this case will be the European countries. The US State Department, while commenting on the signing by the Russian President Vladimir Putin a decree on the suspension of the Russian fulfillment of the INF treaty, announced that the USA are ready for the negotiations with Russia on the matter of arms control, but with conditions. The State Department spokesman clarified that Washington “remains committed to the effective arms control. It contributes to the security of the US and the allies and partners. It is verifiable, and it is mandatory. It also includes the US partners that properly fulfill their obligations as well”

3 Venezuela

During the carnival in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas dozens of young men threw stones at the National Guards. Before it happened, unknown people in carnival masks threw a few tear-gas grenades into the crowd on the ‘Los Proceres’ Street, located south from the center of Caracas. Then they disappeared in the crowd — TASS reports. The people on the streets began to panic and run from the site. Police started detaining the active participants of the riots. According to the police — as a result of the unrest, 4 police officers were injured. 1 was badly injured. About 10 people were detained. Currently, the police managed to stabilize the situation.

4 India — Pakistan

On Tuesday, the Pakistani navy announced that they found and stopped an Indian submarine when it tried to enter the Pakistani internal waters — TASS reports while citing the newspaper ‘Dawn’. The newspaper Dawn quotes the statement of the Pakistan Navy. According to the Dawn — the last time the Pakistani Navy had to prevent an Indian submarine from entering the inland waters was in 2016. On 26th of February, the Indian Air Forces attacked a terrorist camp of the Jaish-e-Muhammad group, located in Pakistani territory. On 27th of February — Pakistan declared that their air forces, in response to Indian actions, attacked the military targets in the state of Jammu and Kashmir

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