Russia and Turkey started the third joint patrol in Syria


1 Syria

The Turkish news agency »Anadolu» reports, while citing the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, that the Turkish and Russian troops started the 3rd ground patrol in Syria, east of the Euphrates River, in the region between the settlements of Kamyshly and Al-Malikiya. The patrolling troops use drones. The patrol itself takes place as a part of the agreements reached in Sochi, on 22nd of October

2 Austria

Tomasz Hainoci, the director of the Department for the Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation at the Austrian Ministry of the Internal Affairs announced that Austria is ready to provide a platform for the negotiations on the »Joint Comprehensive Action Plan» for the Iranian Nuclear Program. “We can’t intervene. But we are always ready to provide a platform for the further negotiations” — RIA NEWS quoted his statement made during the Moscow Conference on the Non-Proliferation. Starting from 6th of November, Iran began the 4th stage of the reduction of its own nuclear deal obligations.

3 Russia

Moscow is concerned about the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which expires in February, 2021. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that an extention of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is the only way to avoid the collapse of the control elements over the nuclear missiles. He also underlined that without a review of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty — it is impossible to discuss the inclusion of new Russian weapons in the treaty.

4 Donbass.

The withdrawal of military forces and assets near the village of Petrovskoye was postponed to Saturday, 9th of November, at noon by the local time — the OSCE Special Representative Martin Saidik announced. Earlier, during a briefing on Friday, the commander of the military operation in Donbass, Vladimir Kravchenko, announced that the withdrawal of military forces near the village of Petrovskoye should begin at 12:00, 8th of November, after a seven-day ceasefire.

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