Russia did not default on Eurobonds


1 Russia

On 12th of April the FSB detained a supporter of the Ukrainian criminal extremist organization «Right Sector» in the Moscow region. The detainee took NATO sabotage training courses. He also has a combat experience from the Donbass region. Cold weapons and incendiary devices were confiscated from the detainee.

2 Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that ammo depots and a protected hangar with Ukrainian aircraft at airbases in the Khmelnitsky and Kiev regions were destroyed by Russian high-precision, air and sea-based missiles. Over the past day, 32 Ukrainian military facilities were hit. The Russian and the DPR forces continue to successfully advance in the industrial zone around the ’Azovstal’ factory. The infantry is being supported by aviation and artillery. There are also fights at an another large industrial facility. Igor Konashenkov reported that yesterday, in the city Mariupol, during the night, the surrounded Ukrainian forces, no more than 100 servicemen, tried to use their armored vehicles to break out from their positions on the local factory named after Lenin, and leave the city from the north. That break-out attempt was stopped by the Russian aviation and artillery. In the city of Odessa, a secret NATO monitoring group began to work, which includes employees of a Romanian PMC. The mission of the group is to prevent the landing of the Russian forces, and to report the location of the Russian warships to guide the Ukrainian missiles ’’Neptune’’.

3 Russia

Vladimir Putin stated that Belarus is suitable for the further negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. He added that the start of a direct dialogue with Ukraine was possible only thanks to the personal efforts of Alexander Lukashenko. During a personal meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin discussed the formation of a single defense space and the security matters of the Union State. Putin stated that he informed Lukashenko in details about the special military operation in Donbass, and about the course of the negotiation process between Moscow and Kiev. Putin specified that Ukraine has departed from the agreements that were reached with Russia in Istanbul.

4 Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, called the EU «an aggressive war machine of the NATO». She noted that the statement from the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, «puts an end to a certain stage in the existence of the EU», being «a declaration on the transition from an economic and humanitarian bloc to a political organization of a new type». While commenting on the events in Ukraine, Josep Borrell tweeted the following. «This war must be won on the battlefield» — end of quite. He reminded about the previously allocated 500 millions of euros for the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

5 Russia

«Russia hasn’t defaulted on the Euro-bonds. The reports from the CNN are fake news» — the Russian Ministry of Finances stated and added that Russia has enough money to meet the obligations, thus the current situation can’t be considered a rejection of the obligations. The Russian ministry reminded that Russia, as a responsible borrower, has reserved the necessary amounts in rubles in the Russian depository to protect the interests of the investors. The Russian Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, stated that Moscow is ready to prove in courts that Russia has done everything possible to fulfill the obligations towards the foreign investors on their Euro-bonds. According to him, the Western countries have blocked reserves for about $300 billions of dollars. The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, stated that the default on the Russian obligations can only be man-made.

6 Ukraine

«It makes no sense to storm the fortifications under the Azovstal plant in the city of Mariupol, we need to ask the chemical troops for the help» — the representative of the People’s Militia of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, stated and added that it isn’t wise to seize the factory by storm, since a large number of the Russian servicemen could die, while the Ukrainian forces would barely have any losses. He believes that it is necessary to deal with the blocking of the factory first. «And after that we should ask the Russian chemical troops for a help. They will find a way to smoke the moles out of their holes» — end of quote. He added that it is difficult to estimate the number of the Ukrainian forces at the factory. In his opinion, it could be 3000 to 4000 men. So far, the DPR forces didn’t use any chemical weapons during their fight against the Ukrainian Nazis in Mariupol. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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