Russia has expanded the patrol zone in Syria


1 Syria

«The Russian military police expanded their patrol zone in Syria, and made the abandoned American base ‘Sirrin’ into a control point» — a Russian military police officer Safar Safarov said to the RIA NEWS. “Since the moment the Americans left — we are now responsible for the entire territory of the canton of Manbij, and the territories nearby” — he explained. The commander of the airport ‘Metras’ reported that the engineering work is underway, as well as the arrangement of the territory for the personnel.

2 Turkey

The Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar announced the creation of a security zone in north of Syria, 145 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide. «Currently we’ve made a 145 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide security zone. The attacks from the east and the west in the area of the Operation »Source of Peace» are still taking place. In order to prevent the attacks — we are negotiating with our Russian colleagues» — the NTV quoted the Turkish defense minister.

3 Bolivia

8 people died as a result of lifting of the blockade from the ‘El Alto’ oil refinery. This information was confirmed by the Institute of the Forensic Studies of Bolivia. The former President, Evo Morales, condemned the armed forces of Bolivia. He reminded that the international standards are higher than the decree of the interim government that is exempting the troops from their liability for the dispersal of the protests. On 17th of November the Interim President Janine Agnes issued a decree that exempts the armed forces from the criminal liability during restoration of the order. This decision was condemned by the international organizations and her political opponents. According to the official information — since 20th of October, 23 people were killed and 715 were injured during the protests in Bolivia.

4 Georgia

On Thursday night, the Tbilisi City Court ruled on the administrative arrest of 10 protesters, detained in front of the parliament building on 18th November, for a period of 5 to 13 days. One was fined, another was released. A total of 37 people were detained during a rally in front of the parliament in Tbilisi. They were arrested for hooliganism and police disobedience. The consideration of cases of another 25 detained people will continue on Thursday — the Georgian »First Channel» reported on its website.

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