Russian doesn’t participate in the PACE


During the voting on Tuesday evening, the House of Commons of the British Parliament rejected the agreement, prepared by London and the EU on the Brexit, Interfax reports. 202 parliamentarians voted “for”, “432” voted ‘against’. The British media announced that this situation may lead to the exit of the UK from the EU without a deal, or to a second referendum, or to the return of negotiations with the EU. Also, according to the British media, early general elections are also possible. The British Prime Minister Theresa May has only three days to submit a Plan B on Brexit to the Parliament.

2 Russia

The press service of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations on the Rostov Region reported the discovery of the body of the last victim of the gas explosion in an apartment building in the town of Shakhty. The total number of victims reached five people. Previously the media reported on two people dead, and three missing. Seven people were rescued — five of them received outpatient medical care, and two people — a man and a little girl — were taken to a hospital. The search and rescue operation has been thus completed. The city of Shakhty declared 16th of January to be a mourning day for the victims.

3 Canada

The Canadian authorities appealed to the Chinese Embassy for a pardon for the Canadian citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg — said the head of the Canadian Foreign Ministry, Christie Freeland. She said that the negotiations with China on this issue will continue, TASS reports with a reference to the CTV. The Chinese court sentenced Lloyd Schellenberg to death for the drug smuggling right arrest the arrest of the Huawei deputy chairman, Wanzhou Meng, in Canada.

4 the United States

The US administration is considering a possible enhancement of their missile defense forces in the USA, and outside the country — the news agencies report. This consideration is related to the new space satellites for the better recognition and tracking of the targets. Proposals to place the anti-missiles in space are unlikely — TASS reports with a reference to the Associated Press. Washington wants to destroy the enemy missiles either before their launch, or a few minutes after. This will require more active use of UAVs. The Associated Press also points out that such plans will compete for the budget with the projects of new nuclear weapons. These plans will also have diplomatic consequences, primarily with Moscow.

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