Saudi airport attack


1 The Gaza Strip

Clashes between the Palestinians and the Israeli military took place recently on the border of the Gaza Strip. The conflict has resulted in casualties on both sides. According to the Gaza Ministry of Health — 41 Palestinians were injured in clashes over the weekend. 2 of them died from their injuries — a 12-years-old boy, and a member of the ’Hamas’. The recent border clashes were the most violent since 2019. The Palestinians are defending their right to return to their lands which are now the territory of Israel. Israel denies that right.

2 Saudi Arabia

A civilian plane was damaged and 8 people were injured in a drone attack on the airport of a southern Saudi city of Abha — the ’Al Arabiya TV’ reported while citing a statement from the Riyadh-led Arab coalition. The coalition stated that a drone with explosives was launched from Yemen by the ’Ansar Allah’ rebels. It was shot down near the airport by air defense systems. As a result of the interception, the fragments of the drone fell to the ground, which led to injuries and damage to the airliner on the takeoff field.

3 Afghanistan

The representative of the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, stated that after the pulling of the US troops — the country gained full independence. “Today, at midnight, the last American soldier left the Kabul airport. Our country has finally become free and gained full independence ”- he stated on Twitter. He also called the pulling of the US troops to be a «defeat for the USA». He added that the Taliban would like to have good relations with Washington.The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, stated that the Taliban need to earn the recognition for their actions by complying with the agreements and international norms.

4 Germany

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated at a press conference ahead of the negotiations with her Austrian counterpart, Sebastian Kurz, that Germany is discussing with a number of European countries the ways to establish the contacts with the Taliban, even though there are no plans of a «diplomatic recognition». She noted that the work of the Kabul international airport is a very important matter, and the government is ready to provide a technical help to resume the operation of the airport.

5 Syria

6 children were injured as a result of an explosion of a landmine, left by the terrorists at the camp Khandarat, north of Aleppo province. They were taken to the Ar-Razi hospital — the Syrian news agency SANA reported. Before their retreat, the terrorist groups planted mines and IEDs between houses, on roads, and agricultural areas in order to cause maximum damage to the residents who returned to their liberated homes.

6 Russia

The «International Army Games 2021» became the largest and most impressive in 7 years of their holding. The Russian team is on the first place — the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, stated. «The number of participants is 42 countries, including 5 new ones. The competitions are being run on 11 states. Algeria, Vietnam, Qatar and Serbia are participating for the first time» — Shoigu added. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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