Serbia is transferring tanks to the border with Kosovo. || Спецвыпуск 26.09.2021


This is a special program from the ANNA NEWS. I am Constantine Reztsov.

The Serbian army is moving tanks to the administrative border in north of Kosovo during a yet another escalation. Photos and videos appeared on the Internet showing the transfer of T-72-B1-MS tanks, delivered from Russia. The tanks are being transferred by tractors to the area via the Yarine border crossing point.

Tanks T-72-B1-MS «White Eagles» were delivered to Serbia from Russia in October of 2020. A total of 30 tanks were delivered. «White Eagle» is the best export version of the T-72 tank. It is equipped with a modern digital fire control system with multi-channel sights for the gunner-operator and the commander. The tanks also have remote-controlled 12.7 mm AA guns.

On 20th of September the situation at the north of Kosovo escalated. The Kosovar Albanian police occupied the Jarine and Brnjak crossing points on the administrative border line. The local Serbs responded with protests, dispersed by the Albanian police. Serbia has increased the level of combat readiness of their armed forces as a response. Belgrade demands to pull out the Albanian police forces from the north of the province.

The ’ANNA NEWS’ follows the events. Stay tuned

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