Serbia-Kosovo meeting


1 Nigeria

«At least 20 fishermen were killed in an air attack of the Nigerian Air Force in the north-east of the country» — the AFP news agency reported while citing the locals of the region, and their own sources in the military. The target of the Nigerian Air Force was a jihadist camp near the lake Chad. A terrorist group «The Islamic State of West Africa» has allowed the fishermen to fish in the lake for a fee. The Nigerian intelligence indicated that the fishermen who accept this jihadist offer do so at their own risk.

2 Georgia

The 2nd permanent minesweeper group of the NATO, consisting of 5 warships, entered the territorial waters of Georgia — the press service of the Georgian Interior Ministry reported. The group includes the flagship from Spain, ships from Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. The exercises with participation of the Georgian and NATO coast guard ships will take place in the Black Sea. The goal of the training is to increase the compatibility, and fortify the Georgian defenses.

3 Belgium

«The meeting of the representatives of Serbia and Kosovo will take place in Brussels, on 29th of September» — the representative of the European Commission, Dana Spinant, stated at a press conference in Brussels, on Tuesday. «I can confirm that the representatives of the parties will be in Brussels tomorrow» — she stated. The meeting is expected to be about the situation on the north of Kosovo and Metohija, and about the restoration of freedom of movement.The situation between Kosovo and Serbia escalated on 20th of September when the Kosovar military stopped cars with Serbian license plates.

4 India — China

The Indian Army is sending the latest artillery pieces to the East Ladakh, on the Line of Control with China — ’’The Times of India’’ reported while citing their military sources. “Due to the lack of signs of de-escalation in East Ladakh — we are deploying the latest ultra-light US-made ’M-777’ artillery pieces to the region with heavy ’Chinook’ helicopters” — the Indian Artillery Commander, Lieutenant-General Chawla, stated.

5 The USA

The Afghan Permanent Representative to the UN, Ghulam Isakzai, refused to give a speech at the UN General Assembly — the EFE news agency reported while citing their sources. The representatives of the Taliban, the terrorist movement that conquered the country, weren’t invited to the meeting as well. According to the mass media reports — Gulam Isakzai notified the UN of his decision. He didn’t explain his reasons. Earlier it was assumed that the Afghan permanent representative will speak at the General Assembly on Monday. Thus, Afghanistan won’t be represented at the UN in 2021.

6 The DPRK

«The new missile launch from North Korea was done to test the response from South Korea and the USA» — the TASS reported. «We believe that the launch was carried out in order to check the reactions from the South and the USA» — a representative of the South Korean Ministry of National Defense stated. According to him, the new launch was made from the interior regions of the country, in the eastern direction. According to the preliminary data, the missile has a short range, which isn’t prohibited by the UN Security Council resolutions.If it turns out that it was a ballistic missile — it will be the 3rd such launch since the start of 2021. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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